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i've been stuck at yttr's "craft an yttric rifle" progression gate for 1,000,000 years because there are no ruined portals anywhere nearby and i don't just dig straight to bedrock lol

new worldgen makes some really fucking cool caves but bedrock is so fucking far away now and digging is not as fun as spelunking so i literally only managed to find lava today

(realizes there is a lava pool in the forest just across the river that i have known about since day 1) well you see the thing is i'm a fucking dumbass

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@bossposs i was about to bring up the lava pools lmao

they do feel kinda less common than they were, i think. i dunno

@Kat on the other hand, the sense of accomplishment that comes from finally reaching the lava level mostly by caving is real, and i had a lot of fun exploring to get there

@Kat also i found enough copper to redo my roof and oh boy i can't wait for it to turn green it's gonna look awesome

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