is it possible to change your username on this god forsaken network without creating a new account btw, like if i just wanted to be a different thing @ the same site >_> i wanna be gutmunchies here too

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also i just had a whole ass conversation with somebody on here and none of their replies are showing up in my notifications lol

also what are the cool and good instances now, is there one specifically for woodsy soft butch girl-adjacent nb folk yet

i figured it out: i had "block notifications from people you don't follow" enabled and i seem to be in a weird quantum state of following / not following this person despite having their posts in my timeline. cool bug, very twitter vibes of you ask me

"... of you ask me" hey where's the edit button on this site

@unascribed sorry una you're just invisible to my notifications column now

@bossposs gargron still refuses to see sense on that unfortunately

anyhow, welcome back! it's good to see you.

@bossposs no but you can redirect people to a new account

@zoe as in, make everybody follow the new account instead of this one?

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