jrpgs 1999: environmentalism & humanity's role in nature, questions about identity, the horrors of war,
jrpgs 2019: anime big titty gacha mmo

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@bossposs final fantasy xiv, of all things, had a really good story in the latest xpac about grief and loss and moving on

@hierarchon ive heard a lot of good things about ff14, its a shame its an mmo because that entire genre is just not for me

@hierarchon but ff15 also had some really heartwarming moments and i think had potential to be such a great game if they hadnt run out of money a third of the way in and rushed the ending

@bossposs yeah i honestly think shadowbringer’s story would work great as a standard single-player JRPG, though part of it does rely on you having an attachment to your character so it’d need to be the back half or something
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