i don't really feel safe in safe spaces, which is ironic, i know. i'm glad they exist now, but i grew up on the anarchic web and feel a lot more comfortable in free spaces where the rules are less "don't post x, y or z without content warnings" and more "try not to be a dickhead"

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not saying theres anything bad about needing a safe space, but you probably won't catch me hanging out there much. i need the freedom to be a disgusting idiot and not have to maintain a list of sensitive topics in my head. that's a lot of cognitive load for me

so. following me is opt-in. promise i won't hold it against you if you need to unfollow because of something i post about. i never want to stop improving myself as a person, but please don't expect me to change for your comfort. sometimes people are just not compatible

on that note, i am thinking of pulling back from mastodon a bit because i'm really not a good fit for the community and the community is not a good fit for me. having crossposting enabled has caused me to worry a lot about the kind of stuff i post on twitter and it's been the cause of a lot of anxiety. i can't live like this.

@bossposs "try not to be a dick" seems very vunerable to... i'm not sure what the word is? "rulepushing"? - at the moment. maybe it was different back then though

@snailerotica any rule is vulnerable to that. i'd like to trust that my peers are adults and can discuss their problems when they come up, and if the admins need to intervene then so be it. if i can't trust the admins then idk, i guess i shouldn't be there

@snailerotica of course, i'm also not comfortable in very large communities in general. would much rather be in a smaller space where everyone is at least on civil terms. i don't feel like having specific rules is as important with smaller groups

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