im reading archie sonic online (the fan continuation of pre-sgw i think i mentioned already) and im already nitpicking plot holes

off the top of my head they've already just dropped this entire plot point in favor of a last minute "bio-analyzer" macguffin they happened to overhear eggman had misplaced in his arctic refueling station

also eggman says he's rebuilt metal sonic with a special power gem core to give it a mind of its own, which he literally already did a couple issues prior in the official comics. that was the last power gem he had and it was destroyed when metal self destructed to take out shard

IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY IM LIKE THIS it just feels like the writers might have forgotten to brush up on the last few issues before writing a continuation and that bugs me a bit >_>

oh and shard is here alive & well despite his power gem core being cracked before?? no explanation as to how it got fixed. the official comics made a point of showing that it was broken, so that probably shouldnt have been swept under the rug

we actually got three separate panels showing shard's damaged power gem, each with a tighter zoom than the last just in case u missed it

i wanna clarify here that im not hating on archie sonic online cus its clear they put a ton of effort into it. it's not a bad attempt!!

i just think the writing is a bit sloppy.

but hell, archie sonic had sloppy writing sometimes too. it happens! it's a learning experience.


(i do hope they keep working on it! i'll be following the project now that i've totally exhausted the real, official thing)

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