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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

my mom only buys the more expensive brown versions of things

i feel like, even if you want to warn about loss of precision, the compiler should be smart enough to understand that "float foo = 1.0" is not an accident

LMAO do i seriously have to suffix a numerical constant with f to assign it to a float variable, java is amazing

the mod this is based on has "support" for accumulation beyond a single block but it doesn't actually work... that would be nice to have honestly. i'm not sure what the issue is though

boy it sure is great that every single community i'm a part of now has a single point of failure at google

basically i'm looking to have the snow cover automatically smooth itself out over time

i'm mostly interested in snow accumulation. the layers used to only melt if it wasn't snowing, but i'm working on making them melt if the surrounding snow isn't high enough

ive been spending my afternoon tweaking a minecraft mod to get it just so

for all my difficulty at first, porting fabric mods between minecraft versions is acutally piss easy. for smaller mods (which most are atm) it can be largely automated

(it's nice that celsius works with si units and all but that doesnt matter a whole lot to the average person's use case of "knowing how hot or cold it is")

this might be problematic of me but im a fahrenheit apologist. i mean im not married to it, but i dont think theres anything wrong with it as a unit of measurement that isn't also wrong with celsius

it's nice with the plaid shirt over, and without, i look camp as hell

i fucking love this grey leopard print hoodie its so cozy and SO GAY

remembers how my florasona is extremely cool and attractive

i finally got around to writing a udev rule to swap ctrl and capslock so it works on the console too >_>

im not about christmas but im about christmas skeleton

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