i actually did it, i biked all the way to the dollar store just for a lighter.

i mean, it's only like two miles, but it's kind of a monumental wall of effort to just make myself climb over on a whim

i needed to motivate myself to bike to the dollar store for a new lighter or two and then i realized it's the 19th of halloween and they're gonna have fucking shitty halloween decorations up for sale im fucking THERE

i mean its not just cognate its literally the same word, gift

i still fucks me up that the german word for poison is cognate with the english word for something u give to someone

sometimes i think about the fact that there is a town in massachusetts called "manchester-by-the-sea" like can you imagine if every town used this naming convention

i live in charlotte-between-two-creeks

heteros make such boring smut. whats with all the fucking, wheres the crying and hugging

"you just get _all_ the snoring partners" says cass

aaaand i think she passed out on voice again 8D

i have my husband and girlfriend together in voice chat tonight and im so happy!!! i love them so much

"my stepdad used to make fun of the things i liked but he kept buying the same rolling stones album over and over"

anyways nobody draws or writes the things i like the way i like them

is it too late to make a "dark fanfic show me forbidden ships" joke because i said something about looking for forbidden ships and now it won't leave me alone

i just want him to grow up to be a hot girl with a bunch of girlfriends like me

elias you utter embarrassment you're just like me when i was your age

god can i just talk about this panel again because i fucking lose my shit every time i read it he talks like a fucking incel

i keep drawing crossed arms the wrong way around lmao

i feel like it might already be time to redraw my icon

ive got micron pens now too

i had to mentally babysit myself in a public space in front of my dad lmao

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