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since i don't use the tagging system, here are cws for my account as a whole:

- nsfw
- mental health
- emotional trauma
- physical trauma (art only)
- stream of conscious, aka whatever unfiltered shit i am dealing with in my life at the moment

what i mean is: it's raw, it's raunchy, and it's not for everybody. i won't take it personally if you need to unfollow. do whatever you need to be safe.

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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

do any of my mutuals have experience pulling a horse trailer

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i also got stuck behind a truck pulling horses and i never thought about it before but that's gotta be the most nerve wracking shit on a bumpy ass road. pulling a regular trailer that's not full of brittle glass animals is bad enough

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the little man went sideways across the road and i had to go sideways too

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god my right ear is doing the loud ringing thing again please stop i just want to sleep

i regret to inform you all that i have imagined a horse so cool that she has overshadowed my original cool horse

they were mixed in with actually good videos but those are the titles that stuck with me because they're so awful lmao

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keep thinking about the dream i had last night where there were how-to videos by angels with titles like "how to drain the energy from a room" and "how to use emotional leverage to get what you want"

tarot deck where the zeroth major arcanum is called the dumbass

maybe i should finally just unsub from this group's newsletter lol

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see the x makes it more inclusive because the word folks implies cisgender men only. its in the dictionary look it up

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oh no the local queer group i stopped going to has started using the word Folx with a capital F. cursed.

just found out you can display arbitrary text with nixie tubes and a name tag

you know what, this is fine. i'm not in it to play fair; i'm in it to have fun and break things

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the induction heaters use 16 fe/t by default ... looks like i could run 11 of them off one furnace engine and have a little spare energy left over

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can't decide if this is cheating or nah. using create crafts & additions to generate forge energy from a furnace engine at 180 fe/t and using that to power a whole array of induction heaters?? this isn't even at capacity. definitely an absurdly efficient use of fuel

this is nothing new obviously, just ever processing the divide between what folks say on tv & how folks treat each other in the real world. normal shit

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im convinced white women only care about each other when they can use it as an excuse to hurt somebody else

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