btw this was a pencil sketch that i inked and then photographed with my phone before loading it into krita

you ever think about how minecraft basically tricked a bunch of kids into listening to ambient music

i dont connect with that particular brand of weird quite like i used to but damn

oh i just listened to regina spektor's 11:11 for the first time in years. still a great album

my favorite linguistic bullshit moment was realizing that "jesus christ" BASICALLY translates to "oily joshua"

if ur tryin to get me to watch this video about DARK FAN THEORIES maybe dont put the entry level shit in the thumbnail lmao

i watched friendship is witchcraft with some friends last night (hi @Twee_lil_lass ) and now i cant get pinkie pie's song from #7 outta my head

anyways im not maintaining this. i wrote it for one project i wanted it for and then ended up getting bored of the other project so it's pretty much as feature complete as it's gonna be

(i wanted to write a compatibility layer so it could run on a real lua interpreter but i can't use luarocks and writing proper path munging functions myself doesnt sound like much fun)

it also comes with a hacky named import syntax that mimics python's

and is self hosting. you can compile crash by running `bin/crash build` from within computercraft

what differentiates this from just concatenating scripts together is that it gives every script its own _ENV and handles dependencies like as if they were proper (if a bit naive) modules

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