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since i don't use the tagging system, here are cws for my account as a whole:

- nsfw
- mental health
- emotional trauma
- physical trauma (art only)
- stream of conscious, aka whatever unfiltered shit i am dealing with in my life at the moment

what i mean is: it's raw, it's raunchy, and it's not for everybody. i won't take it personally if you need to unfollow. do whatever you need to be safe.

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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

i might make exceptions for things that are actually informative idk

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new policy i'm trying: if one of my Posts takes off and it's not something original i've made i'm deleting it.

my new thing is referring to times of day using the archaic -tide compounds i guess

nobody's impressed that you used a hunting rifle to kill an animal that has no natural defenses against being shot with a hunting rifle my guy

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i'm lying there are things that piss me off more probably but shut the fuck up

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nothing pisses me off more than looking up pictures of some cool animal that lives in africa and finding a bunch of photos of white men standing over their corpses

early android apps were more accessible than modern ones. used to be they were all usable with directional navigation buttons, but a lot of current apps are simply not usable at all without a touchscreen or mouse

it's been unbearably hot & humid for the past week and today it's 64 degrees

my hotter take is you shouldn't be allowed to trademark

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my hot take today is you shouldn't be allowed to trademark single word names in any context unless they are entirely novel

i have learned of the existence of the managesieve protocol by way of kmail but i can find no evidence that any mail providers actually support it. in fact, kmail appears to be the only _client_ i have used that supports it, or at least the only one that advertises that support

seven years later and plasma's whole widget system still feels like beta software. they never fixed the fucking panel jank either. i thought it was because of i3, but no, it's just like that

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combining two things i've been griping about today: it's really disappointing that plasma doesn't have a calendar widget that actually integrates know...kde's calendar app. the calendar widget has a separately configured set of holiday calendars and that's it

whatever. maybe i'll actually start putting things in my calendar now that it's available on my real computer

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of course if i hated myself a little bit more i could just install evolution and use the decsync plugin for that but i simply do not feel like installing the entire gnome desktop environment or using software made for it

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there is allegedly an akonadi decsync plugin but it's unmaintained, unfinished, and doesn't compile any more

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i think i have like three copies of my calendar on my system at any given time

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