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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

the camera has definitely cost me some damage more than once

ggggod, bayonetta's a lot of fun but the camera & menus are so bad

cass likes to post a bunch of shitty memes in my discord in the mornings when he gets home from work and ripcord doesn't put a margin between them so when i woke up and opened my computer my brain immediately locked onto this and i cant stop laughing

meanwhile i've started watching she-ra and this is a welcome change from mlp

its like people are so fucking married to these bizarre stereotypes that they can't imagine anything else??

why is mlp so weirdly racist for a show about colorful horses

anyways foxglove doesn't have to share all my hangups or experience them the same way and playing around with her has helped me rediscover stuff i used to enjoy

i guess demisexual is the word? mixed with a little bit of "sex feels good but it can be kinda gross and overstimulating" and a large dose of "i have some hangups because of past experiences that make it difficult" >_>

making my flora oc a horny little gremlin was a great move... i've never had so much fun with a character, and it's nice to have a fantasy outlet even tho i'm kinda ace spectrum irl

cass: "i remember when you had much smaller titty"
me: "yeah like a week ago"

passionately loving your best friend is valid actually. i forgot

i started playing bayonetta. the horny is doing precisely dick all for me but the camp is the good shit

lord help me i'm seriously considering buying a vintage instant camera

cass: "we had a customer who was very afraid of a milkshake because β€”"
me: "they were a fascist?"

more importantly yall my tits are growin again after like four years? and it's enough of a change already that a button down shirt that just barely fit my chest no longer does lmao

life has been fucking crazy these past two months lmao
i almost feel like an adult

upload studio: a video editing tool that won't save your fucking work unless you have a working internet connection

xbox is a fucking nightmare yall

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