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since i don't use the tagging system, here are cws for my account as a whole:

- nsfw
- mental health
- emotional trauma
- physical trauma (art only)
- stream of conscious, aka whatever unfiltered shit i am dealing with in my life at the moment

what i mean is: it's raw, it's raunchy, and it's not for everybody. i won't take it personally if you need to unfollow. do whatever you need to be safe.

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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

started playing the demo for fallow and this detail convinced me to buy it immediately

broke: calling things woke
woke: making a broke / woke / bespoke joke where you tell folk calling things woke is broke
baroque: calling making a woke / broke / bespoke joke where you tell folk calling things woke is broke woke while writing such a joke

people who think 69 is the sex number have obviously never tried to fuck a number

pissed off about middle class white women in giant suvs today

dreamed sonic could merge with a demon to become a "heck hog"

and oh god oh jeez do they hammer on the fucking g4 nostalgia for the first 20 minutes of the movie. it was almost nauseating how hard they were trying to get me to feel something lmao

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i like that all the sets kinda look like miniatures but i dont like the ponies' weird occasionally human lips when they talk

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mlp g5 movie review: it's not good, and it's not bad in an interesting way, but at least it's mostly nice to look at

of all the things i expected from deltarune chapter 2, a homestar runner reference in the year 2021 was not one

well, my guests have gone home and inhave some time to myself for the first time in just over a week. time to sit around in my underwear and play deltarune

holy shit y'all don't understand how good it feels to lie down in a bed

also shout out to weed for saving my ass from dying again

damn. after that nasty state park water, my town's water tastes positively flavorless

oh i think regina spektor's post begin to hope stuff clicked for me finally. i'm into this

(i took a ten minute nap sitting in the driver seat of my car with my head jammed up against the passenger seat and i woke up feeling better rested than i did this morning)

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