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since i don't use the tagging system, here are cws for my account as a whole:

- nsfw
- mental health
- emotional trauma
- physical trauma (art only)
- stream of conscious, aka whatever unfiltered shit i am dealing with in my life at the moment

what i mean is: it's raw, it's raunchy, and it's not for everybody. i won't take it personally if you need to unfollow. do whatever you need to be safe.

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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

i was kinda hoping to find an instance run by somebody who's not in any of my social circles but that's probably asking for the impossible

so uh is shuttering in a couple months. anybody got a good instance that's accepting new sign ups or that they can get me an invite for?

i'm not going to do this. i do not want to touch that shit with a ten foot pole

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for the js side, i don't care about what the code base is using

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thinking about forking kubejs and making it use yarn mappings instead of mojmap

oh right there's also the thing where the java map interface plays at being a plain js object except that it has all the methods from map and if you have an entry with one of those methods' names as a key then it shadows the method but the in operator is busted too

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i didn't realize the situation with rhino was so dire. this barely qualifies as a js runtime.

i remember shit like strings crossing the boundary from java into js are objects that behave like strings but are not instanceof String, but i had no idea how truly bad it was in here

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i think maybe i should dust off my handwritten kubejs typescript definitions and compile to es5 like i was doing for 1.16 >_>

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oho, this error has a line number! and is complaining about...a const declaration in an if block...............ok so apparently const is not block scoped in rhino??

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i was trying to figure out if Object.hasOwn is available in rhino and i guess the answer is "lmao who knows"

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i think....this is coming from ("hasOwn" in Object)... what the fuck kind of js runtime is this

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also rhino exception messages are fucking garbage apparently

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my favorite thing about kubejs is how it doesn't actually print the location of an exception, just the message, so that it's impossible to find the actual issue

crossing the nh border is basically like driving into a forest where all the trees are blue rectangles with some rich guys name on them

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i think i've seen more trump signs just passing through new hampshire than i see actually living on the border of north & south carolina

the burger stand micah took me to when i'd visit when we were teenagers is closing forever at the end of this month and you bet i am about to drive two hours to get one last burger tomorrow

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