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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

yall please remind me tomorrow to post my backlog of art to all my art sites

aaahhh me and cass just watched the first couple episodes of the new season of she-ra and im already enamored with the new villain

im watching a playthru of original nier with some pals and my main takeaway from this is why is the black book french and the white book german

iiiii love fucking around with proportions & shapes dude

i wanna talk about this floraverse character im designing...

i think it (and its creators) really deserve better than that. their hard work deserves to be seen with a critical eye but also appreciated for what it is β€” a pretty damn excellent, but not perfect, piece of animation

im sad that the reactions have been pretty firmly split between "this show is terrible and vivziepop is bad" and "this show is flawless and she can do no wrong"

i rewatched hazbin hotel and im sorry but this show is good actually. like i wont say there arent things that couldve been better but i think the level of backlash the show has been getting is extremely unfair. it's better than any other adult cartoons ive seen

they definitely need more rocks on their body, probably mostly the top side

the intention here is for them to be a necropossum / rock candies demon with a gemstone in place of their face, which was destroyed in whatever accident killed them

(saving a screenshot of someones discord nickname to remind myself that im loved)

i guess its not exactly like 2017 because this stuffs still ongoing but still

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