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since i don't use the tagging system, here are cws for my account as a whole:

- nsfw
- mental health
- emotional trauma
- physical trauma (art only)
- stream of conscious, aka whatever unfiltered shit i am dealing with in my life at the moment

what i mean is: it's raw, it's raunchy, and it's not for everybody. i won't take it personally if you need to unfollow. do whatever you need to be safe.

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hey, so, i've revamped my website. i wanna start putting my art & writing there.

responsive design & shit. no javascript. check it out.

i'm going to make a modal text editor that uses esdf for cursor keys

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why is it wasd and not esdf? they're basically the same except with esdf your hand is in roughly home row position and you have access to a whole three extra keys

i have had a mildly cursed time in vermont with the damaged tire and forgetting my phone charger but it's so nice up here with the dogs

also google voice refuses to make a phone call over wifi with no mobile network, which i seem to recall being the entire fucking point of google voice when i signed up

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there are a couple of wall chargers here but of course it won't play nice with those either

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my phone has decided that it will no longer charge from my computer, and i forgot my wall charger, so now i can only charge it in my car >_>

just realized theres a new farmers delight out and it broke this mod so i fixed it

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i forgot electric stoves take 37 years to boil a pot of water

if anybody wants to try out / fork / extend my emi plugin for farmers delight

wistful sigh every time i see a subaru forester

just got jumpscared by a fucking gigantic moth bonking into the window

the dogs have been asleep basically all evening. i dread the night

like my gut tells me this is sighted folk doing what they Should without thinking about what is actually Needed, but i'm interested in dissenting opinions

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i see image descriptions that devote a lot of words to color, but is this actually useful? i ask because tactile things like shape & texture are much more useful to me as a sighted person who can't visualize, but i rarely see that stuff mentioned

"travel prohibited in breakdown lane except monday–friday 3–7 pm" might be one of the scariest sentences i have ever read

the thing only weighs about 70 pounds, but the size & weight distribution combined with a complete lack of solid handholds made it really awkward to lift solo

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i lugged a 12,000 btu window ac up two flights of stairs yesterday and let me tell you i am feeling it in my arms this morning

fucked up that they are called badlands when they are extremely good actually

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