Anyone using the new official Mastodon app? Is there a way to add multiple accounts?

@booyaa 👋🏻 It doesn't look like it. Metatext does, though. I'm playing with both to see which I like better.

@jamesog I’ve been using amaroq but looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while

@booyaa Same, I was using Amaroq and noticed it hadn't been updated so I looked around. I installed Metatext recently as it looked nice. It has a lot of features but I noticed I can't edit my profile in it, which I can with the official app.


@jamesog yeah that’s a nice feature (adding profile lines). Added a few of my own after seeing @benhamill ‘s profile

@booyaa I couldn't even edit my name in Metatext, but the official one nicely supports adding rows for that table layout. That's a cool feature.

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