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folks who recently followed me here i'm relocating to sadly is winding down in the not too distant future. please update your follows x

reasons mastodon's "viral dampening effect" is a good thing:

👉🏻 no "main character of the day"
👉🏻 no free text searching for people to get angry at (and harrass)
👉🏻 doomscrolling is *actually bad for you* and not a thing we should be trying to replicate
👉🏻 birdsite's virality is heavily driven by actual paid advertising and bots. You think that "Explore" tab gets its content organically? really? That's not making connections between people, it's about driving sales.

Mastodon is not, and should not be, a 1:1 replacement for Twitter. But it *can* be a new place for you to make valuable connections with other human beings. #twitter #twittermigration

Greetings and Welcome to the Fediverse.

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start finding people to follow.

You really don't have to be super picky right now. You just want to start getting your feed busy so you can start organically finding content.

Additionally, if you've decided to use the Tweetdeck-style advanced interface, make sure to set up one or more columns with hashtags you want to follow! That's another big way people discover content on here!

Mastodon doesn't default to having an in-your-face content algorithm, which does mean that you need to put in a _little_ more work to find stuff you want to engage with. This is a good thing!

Your second mission, of course, is to actually _engage_ with stuff you like, instead of just liking and walking away. Having conversations with "randos" is a lot easier and less awkward on here, and people are more likely to respond to you. Talk to us! Even (especially) if we have a lot of followers! This is how you get the other end of the puzzle (people who follow _you_).

Enjoy your stay and I hope it's safe and cozy <3


Hi fediverse! Boosts appreciated on this one.

I’m part of a co-op building a platform for artists to sell art without getting exploited. I’ve been working on it for a while but there’s a lot of work to do and I could use some help. A ton of the main features are in place, but there’s still some big gaps and a lot of polish left before it can launch.

The platform is fully open source and developed in the open. It’s built on Phoenix/Elixir and Tailwindcss. Our co-op is already incorporated and established and it’s open to members that want to actually commit but you don’t need to be a member to contribute or help.

Does this sound interesting? I’d love some help! I’m also happy to answer questions. And no, you don’t need to know Elixir already. It’s pretty easy to learn for the things you’d be using it for. Even some design help would be welcome. Feel free to reply here or DM me!


All art is valid, and you're allowed to do whatever helps you make the art you want to make;

:artpaw: Turn the paper around because you can only draw good lines in one direction? It's fine!

:artpaw: Draw in pencil first in multiple iterations? Do it!

:artpaw: Use a million reference images? Yesferatu!

:artpaw: Trace the things you're having trouble drawing? Totes McGoats :D

The things that enable you to create are not 'cheating' - they're tools.

#WormsOfAffirmation 🐛

Mental health (but ends on positive note) 

I just wanted to thank all of you who use CW thingy. I never realised how important it was until I joined mastodon. You are wonderful and thoughtful peoples. 💖

Seriously, it helps my mental health when the news is just a cascade of dumpster fires.

Thank you again!

hello! we're a #queer #yiddish #anarchist pay-what-you-can down to £0 café in glasgow, scotland

the food, the music, and the language is multi-cultural: yiddish, scottish, & more

we run irl and livestreamed queer, jewish, yiddish, and anarchist events

we're an interfaith collective who are mostly queer, mostly trans, many jewish, many goyish, and all anarchists.

sometimes direct action is burning a polis car; sometimes it's feeding people 🍇

אַ מאָל „טאָאָטן“ מיר אויף יִדיש אויך!


Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism


Content warning abbreviations can be a bit confusing, so here are the most common ones:

ph = physical health
mh = mental health
pol. = politics
adj. = adjacent
+ = positively framed
~ = neutrally/uncertaintly framed
- = negatively framed
begpost = crowdfunding request
:boost_ok: = Boosts are okay/appreciated
:birdsite: = Twitter, also known as "Birdsite"

If anyone can think of anything else, we'll happily boost it. But most others tend to be self-explanatory.

Hey! If any of you new, or old, users started using #Tusky recently and appreciate it, please consider donating a little coin.

Currently our only expense is paying for the work I do, at a set amount each month, and some hosting / domain stuff.

But the tip is always welcome! We even have a tier for $1/month (once a year)! Which I thought was pretty nifty.

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

This bullet journal syntax highlighting / etc extension for VS Code is so excessively, ridiculously my jam that when I told my partner I was stoked to find it, she burst out laughing & eventually gasped "of course you are!"

Enjoy it, if a #DigiBuJo is also your kind of thing!

Dear new users:

It's alright to take your time and get up to speed on here. You don't have to hit the ground running. You might have picked up the habit of interacting with social media as it it were naturally a competitive performance--we all did--but the best thing about Mastodon and the fediverse beyond it is that it's not like that. Take some time to decompress.

It took me about six months to fully drop the armor that I'd been wearing from being on other sites. That was three years ago. This place changes lives.

Also, it's okay to be picky. Sign up at a new instance, if the first one you pick isn't the best fit possible. You'll find your home, and folks here understand it takes trial and error.

Above all, take a deep breath. What feels weird now will make sense pretty quickly.

Glad to have you.

A few years ago I made this flow chart of which Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.

This is why it's important to boost good posts and use hashtags - the fediverse is fragmented and harder to search by nature.

[ #mastodon #meta #tootorial #howto #mastopedia #mastotip ]

if ur new here:

-follow and unfollow liberally
-add shit (bio, pic, pronouns, stuff) to ur profile or people will not accept ur follow requests
-hashtags are neat, but please use #CamelCase so screen readers can read them
-use emojis and art via symbols minimally or behind a CW for screen readers
-use CW liberally for anything triggering or just bc its a long post
-caption ur images pls
-read your instances rules and report things that break them
-pls dont censor words with * bc filters

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

ngl it’s pretty cozy over here 😎




Fuzzbutt says 'Caption Your Media!' :D

(If you have handwriting like mine, this is essential ;p)

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