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bootsy πŸ’š

a fun game of "guess the subdomain and the path to get to the correct website"

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@bootsy Thanks again for the help and sorry for the bout of confusion. I based a little something off your profile. Hope you enjoy!


I'm having problems with Ko-Fi! I updated (and confirmed) my Paypal address earlier this morning, but it didn't seem to take the change.

If you donated, please cancel and resend to Leave a note as before! I'll get this all sorted today, hopefully.

if you’re considering joining mastodon or looking for a new instance, a pal put together this really nice list of cool instances and their themes:

@tom .to isn't even as egregious
.tk is free

that feeling when you just sorta have to eye a domain because it's a tk

just found out theres an ISO standard for brewing tea

i can now toot from anywhere! the power is unimaginable

i now have a i3 shortcut that pops open dmenu and lets me type a toot into it

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer [token]" -d "status=$(echo | dmenu -p toot)" -sS https://[instance]/api/v1/statuses

@ashkitten I'm Alex and in the 2000s successfully meowed with my own cat, and also against a Siamese tomcat that was bullying our cat and trying to steal its food (took 3 days of meowing to discourage the intruder from our garden)

my own cat decided as I was now "alpha male" to signal to me where mice nests were rather than catch them himself, with the result the mice all got away (they turned out to be yellow necked mice which are rare species in UK so that was at least good for nature) 😸 🐁