white leds don't emit light directly - they excite a phosphor, similar to how a crt works.

and we're slowly using them to replace orange sodium vapor streetlights.

what i mean is, someday the sky over _every_ port will _literally_ be the color of a television tuned to a dead channel.

@bootjack as someone who saw Poltergeist as a youngster and who has never been comfortable with static on a tellie since, this worries me.

Does it look the same on a digital picture and in real life?

@hypolite i try to tune images to best represent what i experienced when taking them. that said, this one is very close to how it looked with eyeballs.

Thanks for the elaboration, this is another interesting "Kids will never experience life as their parents once did" instance.

@bootjack got the reference. Nice on :) But AFAIK light from LEDs of any kind is much easier to point where you want it, and exclude it from where you don't, resulting in much less light pollution when LEDs replace older streetlights. The first place in Aotearoa this was done was in the MacKenzie Basin, a world-renowned Dark Skies Reserve and home of the Mt John Observatory.

@bootjack Those are just horribly designed outdoor lights. D:

The full spectrum LED street lights where I've lived have produced staggeringly less light pollution than the sodium vapor lights did. They better illuminated the street I lived on and made the entire neighborhood significantly less light pollutant at night.

Here's a pic of my old neighborhood in San Jose-- look at the difference between the full spectrum LEDs (center) and the sodium light (left and right) pollution!

@bootjack well it's also a problem with the streetlight's device: they should only give light pointing to the floor. But also leds are way more intense than sodium lights.

@bootjack That's pretty much what the sky over Shanghai looked like at night this week.

@bootjack Just a few weeks ago, William Gibson discussed how the imagery changes with the used technologies. Like, how it could interpreted as a clear, very blue, sky nowadays 😁

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