imagining an alt history where sony made vaios and psps with minidisc drives

legs were invented by the art of noise in 1986 when they were trying to come up with something to write a song about

**Rammstein singer Lindemann tests positive for coronavirus**

"Singer Till Lindemann has contracted the novel coronavirus, according to reports in German media outlets. The 57-year-old "Rammstein" front singer has been taken to an intensive care unit at a Berlin hospital."

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i like to believe that somewhere right now henry rollins and the wu-tang clan are in the middle of a hushed conversation about how to get things back on track in the world

star trek take 

yo, fedi, how to move a big file to a friend without sneakernet these days? cajole them onto freenode and DCC it like the old days?

would like to avoid cloud in between.

Ursula K Le Guin, on tech workers:
"Real power goes to waste. Every wizard uses his art against the others, serving the men of greed. What good can any art be used that way? It's wasted. It goes wrong, or it's thrown away. Like slaves' lives. Nobody can be free alone. Not even a mage. All of them working their magic in prison cells, to gain nothing. There's no way to use power for good."
- "The Finder", from "Tales from Earthsea"

uspol | wh40k 

lots of talk about language on my feed lately, so i'm gonna plug something. MSP430s are von neumann machines (not harvard like AVRs) with a flat memory space, memory-mapped everything, and a simple instruction set. TI has a lot of nice docs and appnotes. GCC, GDB, and an open source flash/debug tool are freely available. the MSP-EXP430G2ET devboard/programmer is $10. i've had a lot of fun starting asm with these chips and you might, too.

I reject the tribalism of the time zone.

let's make it a social norm in the fediverse to trunc the tracking mess off the ends of urls

basically every open source C developer, as far as I can tell

I feel like more people on fedi should know who Genesis P-Orridge was.

Came up with the galaxy brain "pandrogyne"; co-invented industrial music; early western noise artist, linking that genre with the trans community.

This NYT article has an overview of their life:

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