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white leds don't emit light directly - they excite a phosphor, similar to how a crt works.

and we're slowly using them to replace orange sodium vapor streetlights.

what i mean is, someday the sky over _every_ port will _literally_ be the color of a television tuned to a dead channel.

going to college is a great way to disabuse you of the notion that people who go to college are smarter than people who dont

if you're on, :​heart_cyber​: or :​heart_cybre​: will let you express digital affection

if you're not, spread the word! :heart_cybre:

i swear those goons would take credit for inventing the wheel (if they haven't already).

by the distributive property, being "the first-ever" whatever is meaningless in gadget crowdsourcing descriptions.

how i start every day

i got this
i got this
i got.. shit!
run away!

"utopianism is vital now: we must imagine better if we are to manifest it."
- @garbados

(repeating because i couldn't underline it, like, five times in the boost.)

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imagine using a CNC mill to engrave your library bar code & number onto a dog-tag

library keytags have a bit of a reputation of falling apart on keychains & this could theoretically mitigate that issue

love too literally chisel PVA off my glass build plate because i forgot the damn gluestick.

So, what kind of music did I listen to when I was younger?

Well, let's say I wasn't like the cool kids... but you see, I had a computer.

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