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martensite with feelings

@vantablack so glad you're back, fully vanta. sounds like that was a rough one.

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the three genders, anode, cathode, and grid

Still no @vantablack?

Boost widely, again.

I hope she is okay.

It’s been many years since high school

I’m still haunted

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me, normally: corporate social media has the internet and the only way to break its hold is to meet the users where they are and build compelling replacements that are usable and accessible

me, today: interactivity was a mistake and we should all go back to textfiles

This is extremely work-in-progress and there's no sound yet and you can't quite beat the game without crashing yet, but I'm making a web port of the classic game Robot Odyssey! You can build chips and save them and try to escape Robotropolis!

see, the problem is, Dijkstra says:
"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about building big telescopes,"
and I walk in all:
"who's building big telescopes? I wanna build big telescopes..."

I ordered a PiTop and I'm excited to cram it full of t h i n g s but it's taking f o r e v e r to get here and they haven't published good specs on how the internal mounting rails work.

welcome ..............
.................... to the
c o m p u t e r

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Likes: DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)
Dislikes: DDR (Double Data Rate)

Trying to watch new Lost In Space. Do they not have winter hats in the future?