there's got to be at least one paper on the observer effect called "you're getting eye-prints on my experiment", right?

Children of Time uses _way_ too much uk english idiom for a story millennia in the future (you basically have to read it as though everything is an artful translation) but is pretty fun, and it's nice to read some postsingularity space opera that isn't About The Singularity.

Silk woven portrait of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, woven by Michel-Marie Carquillat on a Jacquard loom - France, 1839.

The program for this weave required Carquillat to encode ~24,000 Jacquard punch cards.

The image is fine detailed enough to capture detail like the translucency of the curtains over the window.

This achievement was one of the main things that later convinced Babbage to use punch cards for his Analytical Engine, cascading into actual use in computing later on.

so i've recently learned about the little hp msdos palmtops from the 90s and I am DEEPLY ENAMORED

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I would watch the absolute shit out of this movie. I'd have worn out VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray media watching it.

Basically, I'd have it on constant repeat in the background. #ClassicCyberpunk

are there any games good enough that future us will emulate android to play them again?

(not rhetorical and if you're curious, too, maybe you'd boost? thx)

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so old i still think it's cool to hang out at The Colossal Pillar of Wasp Eggs

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