teenage engineering made a game console,
it has a crank,
thanks @eq for sharing this with me

there are two wolves inside you, but even though mated pairs are considered the fundamental unit of wolf social structures, their behavior is classified as gregarious and packs normally average at least 5 individuals. so even though they have each other, they may still be kind of lonely.

bonesaw levels are critical

(09%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Look, people, not every goddamn 3d print model needs to be a torture test

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wow. rad-hardened microcontrollers are expensive. 1000x more. amazing.

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Starting a new internet that's like the one we imagined in the 90s.
It consists of chrome orbs floating ominously over wireframe landscapes and you're not allowed to use it to make money

whenever i actually make something work in android studio i sing the pythagoraswitch jingle.

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