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20 newsgroups but for mastodon instances

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as time goes by computer becomes a write-only medium for me

I like latex very much, but I just cannot stand computer modern, sorry

I may have lost the ability to work hard

the nicest thing about teaching is that being embarrassing is part of the job requirements

do you, or do you not, put a full stop on your slide bullets?

like a life hack that doesn't really work

how about posting something which is not correct on the internet

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By the power granted to me by the International Internet Embassy, I hereby absolve you all of your obligation to post an XKCD webcomic in response to a tangentially related topic. You are free.

my fever is gone, back to hay fever :oh_no:

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I only want to use software that is "blazing fast"

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I am a Journalist, I have prepared some Journalism articles:

"The death of the thing"
"The end of stuff"
"The rise of whatever"

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tired: blacklist, whitelist 😣
wired: naughtylist nicelist 🤔

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Actually, Google was the web crawler; you're thinking of Google's Monster.

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they should call it hack news because everybody who posts there is a hack

I guess software would be very different if developers had mandatory weekly support hour spent with their parents, fixing all their tech stuff