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every day i adjust my computer chair to make a different part of my body painful

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my new year's resolution for 2019 is to only use social media on the toilet

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3 billion devices with Java on the web, 3 billion devices with Java
Take one down, pass it around
2,999,999,999 devices with Java on the web

Anyone here gone through (computer related) RSI and is feeling better now?

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the year is 2074 and Call of Duty returns to broadway

This toot was brought to you by Worldwired Enthusiasts of Wirelesslessness (WEW)

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Gonna grab a beer and play some video games, just like Lana Del Rey commanded

tired: wireless headphones

wired: headphones

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wanted: browser extension to filter mechanical keyboards out of existence

finally picked up Spelunky. What a wonderful game 🐍💣💎

one of my favorite online narratives is "the tech you're using is not obscure enough"

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conceptnet is history's most important work of absurdist literature, e.g.

tell me i'm not the only one who finds this photo of someone touching a screen disturbing

time to acknowledge that i'm the kind of person who feels a tiny bit warmer inside after plugging in an ethernet cable

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Sorry, I couldn't resist. This is too much power for a simple rotating chicken/duck like me

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I just got burned in the most hilarious way when I dropped a teabag on my foot

Be the training data you want to see AI act upon in the world

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