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Sorry, I couldn't resist. This is too much power for a simple rotating chicken/duck like me

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I just got burned in the most hilarious way when I dropped a teabag on my foot

Be the training data you want to see AI act upon in the world

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This Was Simply To Bark

He advances
the plums
that were in place of their icebox

but whom
she probably excludes
out from breakfast

Steamroll yourself
he is delicious
fitly sweet
but awfully cold

When I was a kid I thought that a song’s chorus is recorded once and played back throughout the song. It was then that I realized I should become a programmer.

I don’t get to spend enough time here recently which is a shame

"the client-side library contains about 11 semi-colons of C++"

I can't get enough of SCIgen (

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So, the old trope of "This statement is false" is played out.

If you want to send a humanity-overthrowing AI into kernel-panic-inducing conniptions, just tell it, "More people have been to Russia than I have."

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Browsing the web without an adblocker is reading a magazine where 1 out of 4 times you turn the page, a clown with a megaphone jumps out of your closet and shouts all the reasons you should feel bad

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SILICON VALLEY: Hey, you know how we could fix transportation?
ME: By decisively shifting towards mass transit instead of having massive concrete jungles based on the premise that every single person will have their own $40,000 deathtrap of pollution?
SILICON VALLEY: No, we're gonna have the deathtraps, just without any drivers!
ME: oh...

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i envy people who can just like, write an email, or make a call. like they need to email somebody about something so they immediately open their email client and write the email and send it. what the fuck. what a way to live

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ready for another day of using my keyboard and mouse to mutate some bits out there in the world!

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