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And on this (non in-engine) render, going to sleep. Goodnight.

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reminder: you can use baguette emoji as path separators

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dear four people that starred a github repository of mine before I'd even pushed a commit, thank you for your faith in me and I strive to live up to your expectations

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me: ok time to do the coding thing!!!!!!

brain: lol

@ojahnn for charming ways to toot without a particular symbol

can anyone here help me debug hdmi trickery? Show more

so I thought a 2-way hdmi switch and a bunch of cables would just work. how naive.

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Our dinner cage with a rainbow last night. Beautiful.

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I wish I knew what "academia" is and how I can do it. I like studying and learning. Do schools pay people to do it? Does anyone know of any academia places that are hiring?

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#Love2D I pushed a few updates to LV-100 today to add per-character coloring and reverse mode.

I'm still trying to figure how the API should look, so if you want to share your feedback, feel free to do so!

Screenshots provided with and without post-processing with moonshine shaders.

I hecking love “bad weather”

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@amydentata software is effectively the business of undermining the value of every other industry though isn't it

is there any job where at some point a programmer hasn't decided despite having no experience in that field they could make a system to do it better

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"This scroll... yes, this one is even older than the last one. A very old scroll, this."

"Really? Let me see." *as I lean in closer, I accidentally drop the dagger I was holding onto the scroll, slicing it in twain*

"You fool! This elder scroll is ruined!"

-The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

flying insect horror Show more

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I only want a smart speaker if it has a sassy robot personality. I want a smartass speaker

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owning a gTLD is basically a license to print money and that's kind of absurd

it seems to me that Wikipedia is the only place on the internet where they think text should span across your entire screen

🌶 take: i like mondays