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how about a yearly media event where random people go on stage to say “yeah I’m still happy with my 2 year old phone” and then stats about how many people did not buy a new phone last year etc.

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Business Insider

this millennial saved $50,000 by sleeping through breakfast every day for his entire life

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i just had my most cyberpunk experience yet, when a delivery person had me sign over a tiny envelop, inside of which were 10 tiny soic-8 chips

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you've heard of meatless monday
get ready for...

softwareless saturday

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Everything I ever needed to know about dwarven fortresses I learned from people talking about watching someone play Dwarf Fortress

how many data scientists does it take to recommend me the series I'm already watching

I would watch a speed run of “moving old photos from phone to laptop to free up some storage space”

I’m currently at about 3 hours

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"no, i'm the real one!" is always such a bizarre reflex to observe in clone narratives. who cares? you're both real and you're both valid, now go and live your dreams twice as hard!

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which of the following is most cringeworthy? (natural language)

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Those Will Have Been Only To Understand

We trisect
a few of the plums
which were aboard our icebox

or which
he probably centrifuges
amidst breakfast

Inactivate him
we are delicious
oddly sweet
but too cold

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email: "my good friend!"
me: nice try spammer, I'm not a good friend

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