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Does anyone have experience with using a WhatsApp to matrix bridge? Are there some obvious things missing when using WhatsApp that way, or is it actually quite useable?

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Is there a federated music scrobbler, like "now listening to" and you can see what other people are listening to?

Never owned a Neo Geo Pocket back in the day (who did? I don't think they were ever that popular), but I'm really enjoying some of the games using an emulator on my Vita. Metal Slug is an obvious favorite, but Magical Drop is a fun little puzzle game.

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This instance has so many custom emojis, and I still end op not using any on most messages. :thinkhappy:

One of the interesting things about is artists releasing new stuff on it. Mostly and associated genres. To make it better than just sending you a generic Minidisc with their music on it, many labels choose to apply UV printing on the surface of the disc itself. Creates some unique disks.

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Things that are cool about minidiscs:

- tactile physical objects
- can record them to make mixtapes like cassettes
- but the music is digital and doesn't degrade
- can re-record them essentially infinitely
- durable and relatively small/portable

has some of the benefits of modern digital music like...
- disc/track metadata
- shuffle/repeat
- multiple encoding options for flexibility in how much you can fit on a disc
- they look cool as hell

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Installed the official iOS mastodon client, and it appears it doesn’t feature the federated or local timelines? Just your home feed. I feel like those are essential for new users that don’t follow a lot of people yet. Luckily this network hasn’t crippled their api so there’s a ton of 3rd party clients.

My cat doesn’t like to sit on my lap. However, he does like to sit in boxes. I think I’ve found a loophole.

It's 2019, and i bought a PS Vita. Great device, though! There's a nice selection of games, and it's great for emulation purposes if you're into that.

Recently moved from iOS to Android, and it's a small adjustment (it's the back button that can be confusing at times). I mostly miss a proper Apple Watch alternative. Even the Android enthusiasts are not very positive about wearOS?

I may be a bit late to the party, but love death + robots is a great cyberpunk themed animated series available on netflix right now. If you're in to that kind of stuff.

Today I tried an insect-based snack for the first time. It was surprisingly tasty. In fact it tasted exactly like the peanut butter and chocolate it said on the package. Not disappointed!

So yesterday i spent some time setting up a personal instance of mastodon. It was quite the ride, because i goofed up at one point and had to start over. This resulted into my connection to other servers being weird, and me being unable to follow certain people. But all that is over now, so i'm going to try using @robin for a while and see what happens. It's a bit like hosting your own e-mail server; you don't have to, but it's nice that you can. Oh, and setting up an e-mail server can also be a pain.

From the research i've done, the only major downside of running your own instance is that the local and federated timeline are rather empty. So your home timeline is the only really useful one. You'll need to login to other instances to get a proper federated timeline and really 'explore' the fediverse.

Thinking about setting up my own mastodon instance. Not because i'm not happy here, but just to give it a try and learn a thing or two on the way. 🤔

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