My cat doesn’t like to sit on my lap. However, he does like to sit in boxes. I think I’ve found a loophole.

It's 2019, and i bought a PS Vita. Great device, though! There's a nice selection of games, and it's great for emulation purposes if you're into that.

Recently moved from iOS to Android, and it's a small adjustment (it's the back button that can be confusing at times). I mostly miss a proper Apple Watch alternative. Even the Android enthusiasts are not very positive about wearOS?

I may be a bit late to the party, but love death + robots is a great cyberpunk themed animated series available on netflix right now. If you're in to that kind of stuff.

Today I tried an insect-based snack for the first time. It was surprisingly tasty. In fact it tasted exactly like the peanut butter and chocolate it said on the package. Not disappointed!

So yesterday i spent some time setting up a personal instance of mastodon. It was quite the ride, because i goofed up at one point and had to start over. This resulted into my connection to other servers being weird, and me being unable to follow certain people. But all that is over now, so i'm going to try using @robin for a while and see what happens. It's a bit like hosting your own e-mail server; you don't have to, but it's nice that you can. Oh, and setting up an e-mail server can also be a pain.

From the research i've done, the only major downside of running your own instance is that the local and federated timeline are rather empty. So your home timeline is the only really useful one. You'll need to login to other instances to get a proper federated timeline and really 'explore' the fediverse.

Thinking about setting up my own mastodon instance. Not because i'm not happy here, but just to give it a try and learn a thing or two on the way. 🤔

Bloodninja relayed
Bloodninja relayed

I went to order my afternoon latte and my barista asked me about Mastodon.

Seriously. This actually happened.

All he knows is that I sit in his coffee shop all day working on something having to do with Twitter and that there's a bunch of bad news about Twitter today.


Interestingly enough @tootapp keeps custom instance translations intact for notifications. So for it says someone “florped my ping” 👌

Is a thing on here? Would be nice to get some suggestions on people to follow 😃

@tootapp finally got in after spamming the signup form for a bit. First impressions are very good!

I’m pretty sure I have the “filter languages” setting set up properly, yet I still see Japanese in the federated timeline. How come?

Trying to give this “minimalism” thing a try; The start is easy since I have a lot of stuff I don’t really need. Not buying stuff I don’t need is going to be more difficult.

Read about mastodon V2 on Hacker News and remembered I used to really enjoy it here, but kinda stopped coming. So, giving it another try! :kirby_happy:

Just finished watching the red pill documentary. It's very strange because I've always been pro-feminism but right now I feel I can be pro men's rights activism at the same time. Both at oppressed in certain areas and both suffer from "what's expected of them". Especially the amount of domestic abuse victims being men surprised me. And the little amount of understanding / support they receive for it.

Look at this 80's concept car. Part of me says "that's ridiculous" and part of me says "damn I want that car!". Just check the video for all the crazy features it has.

What's your opinion on these "complete food" solutions such as soylent? I'm trying out the U.K. based "Huel" now.

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