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I’d like mastodons follow-button to say “Request to follow” instead of “Follow” on locked accounts.
I have overlooked the small indicator several times and then was insecure if requesting was okay.

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It's a really old BSD joke. Found in /etc/passwd as the full name of root since the 1980s. The joke is still there today.

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oh, is this some kind of trauma again?

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seeing school classes in public (for example on trains) always gives me the urge to leave as fast as I can..

mom, dad, i wanted to let you know i've spent the last 18 months in houston and cape canaveral doing excruciating physical training and, well... i'm an astronaut

oh, honey, we're just heartbroken for you. that's such a hard life. we miss our landbound child and don't know what having an astronaut kid is gonna be like. have you tried base jumping instead? maybe a nice ferris wheel? remember we're grieving too

who called it “time till coming out” and not of “egg timer”?


I always wondered how it comes that all transfemmes who use estrogen gel keep it on their desk. Now I know why, it just takes ages to dry. What else should one do other than scrolling through the fediverse..

compliment directed towards reader 

all the enbies reading this are way too cute :blobcatinnocent:

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so many people convinced they are "building the future" are actually just rehashing the present and the past. like every new supposedly planet-scale system that is ASCII only on some level, or the cryptocurrency community who's wildest dreams for a future society still involve money, hierarchy, wealth disparity, centralized control. this isn't progress.

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