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had a weird dream, but it involved driving in a cute gal's surprisingly cramped car so I'm sharing it over here

I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

found 1 tiny screw from my macbook on the floor, went to check which one it might be, and discovered *5* out of *10* screws are missing :oh_no:

how is the bottom cover still on, and how did I not notice this many screws popping out before?!

ok I've been thinking about this for awhile, but since Baymax/BH6 is trending, consider:

Baymax has metal skeleton with a inflatable suit covering it, yes?

what if, we could pick whatever shape/color we wanted as the inflatable suit part? :thinknyan:

tl;dr I want my personal medical bot to look like a moomin

I thought people were being too cautious when misspelling stuff like that on birdsite but omg it's real, fuck

oh no, I used the word NFT on birdsite and had to block someone who actually deals in that nonsense

ok so now that it's daylight in NA, do y'all have any videos or websites for building a PC and picking out parts?

I was using the micro center builder site last time, which is nice, but I still had a hard time grasping how I was supposed to know how the parts were or weren't compatible with each other 🤔

This is just a reminder that I run The Trans Port BBS, a friendly and comfortable hangout for trans folk. We have a bunch of friendly nerds there, but it's still small and could use help growing! If that interests you, hit me up for info. and instructions. :) Boosts welcome!

guess I should ask for PC building info recommendations later today when people are more likely to be awake

check ☑️
and turn ↪️
the signals to the right ➡️

now turn to the right 👉

check ☑️
and turn ↩️
the signals to the left ⬅️

now turn to the left 👈

last time I was fairly confident I could figure it out from text alone, but I'm kinda hesitant on relying on youtube to figure this stuff out,...

so computer parts are actually affordable now so I should put "buy PC parts" and "make a PC" back on my to-do list

problem is I seem to have forgotten almost everything I learned about PC parts and how to build them from the last time I attempted to do about a year ago OTL

not that birdsite suddenly stops being what it is, but I get why having your timeline being filled with garbage you didn't sign up for would be upsetting

birdsite quality of life hacks | ok to boost | long 

((I cannot speak for the mobile app because I only use the desktop web browser version of birdsite))

first, the default view of your timeline is set to "home" which isn't chronological and includes peoples likes

there's a sparkles icon at the top right-ish part of the site, change it to "latest"

next, go to "more" -> "settings & privacy" -> "privacy and safety" -> "mute and block" -> "muted words" and add these individually
















finally, check to make sure your "Personalization and Data" in the settings is turned off and the boxes are unchecked

I think I have finally achieved tying up all the video game cables I have in storage ✅ 💯 :queer100: 🎊 🎉

if i wistfully stare at this crane game for long enough do you think some kind of cool arcade lesbian will come win the prize for me

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