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I’m Friday, a mostly nocturnal 30 lesbian/ace-disaster neurodivergent cis-woman stoner #420

this account is for nerding out over racing games, , planes, trains, sci-fi, cyberpunk, , , and talking about the random bits I do know about or programing as I struggle to find parts to *eventually* build my 1st PC

would love to learn to drift IRL one day but so far I’m limited to the world of silly racing games where you do a cute lil hop to skid into a drift

my all consuming hobbies are animation, comics, and video games

current obsessions are mario kart, custom gameboys, chocobo gp, promare, and cruisin’ blast

hi y'all! 👋 I'm known as Friday in these parts. I use she/her pronouns, and I like learning about and messing with in general. I'm most familiar with photo editing software, but recently I've been messing around with music recording/editing software to make

I talk about , driving/racing, , and sometimes video games

my icon is from Kemono Friends kemono-friends.wikia.com/wiki/ with Pop Team Epic eyes

Hellooo cybre.space!

I’m Friday, Y'all might know me from witches.town

I live in the US, currently residing near those Rocky Mountains

I know almost nothing about code, but I LOVE , , , glitch art, video games, and so I’m excited to be here 😎🎉


the mastodon instance at cybre.space is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: https://cybre.space/~chr/cybre-space-eol