TIL that the first (US) Digimon movie is actually 3 separate movies (1 short movie 2 longer movies I believe) merged and edited into 1...you'd think I would've noticed that, but the last time I saw it was probably over 10 years ago...

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Summer Wars is DEF a rip off of the 2nd Digimon Movie ((technically half of the first US digimon movie)) plot wise


if you never got into digimon and don't plan on ever watching it, I'd highly recommend watching Summer Wars

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so, uh, I started watching Initial D the other night out of boredom/curiosity

and holy shit the character designs are just as ugly as I remember them being, and I'm not fond of the plot, but dang do I fUCKING LOVE EUROBEAT ! ! ! 😎

the OST alone is motivating more than anything else the show's got to watch the next episode 😅


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