(pushes the arrow keys and mobile specific buttons on the keyboard, the phone responds to it)

updating my

I’m Friday, a mostly nocturnal 30 lesbian/ace-disaster neurodivergent cis-woman stoner #420

this account is for nerding out over racing games, , planes, trains, sci-fi, cyberpunk, , , and talking about the random bits I do know about or programing as I struggle to find parts to *eventually* build my 1st PC

would love to learn to drift IRL one day but so far I’m limited to the world of silly racing games where you do a cute lil hop to skid into a drift

my all consuming hobbies are animation, comics, and video games

current obsessions are mario kart, custom gameboys, chocobo gp, promare, and cruisin’ blast

in other news please call your reps about the "EARN IT" act

cannot believe I've rewatched Seinfeld enough times to have noticed there's an Adobe program (photoshop maybe? the next letter looks like an 'r'?) on his computer desk

tfw you're feeling kinda down but your fav upbeat jpop song comes on so you gotta dance a 'lil


My character isn't perfectly aligned to do an exact height comparison, but I'm fairly sure my character is taller lolol

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Anime | cars 

I've got a 1/43rd scale Lucky Star car from Japan in the late 00s and it's my most precious (anime) treasure

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Anime | cars | Miku | capslock 

Me: (asleep meme)

Good Smile company: we're going to have a "Racing Hatsune Miku 2020" in November! :3

Me: (wakes up to instantly jump out of bed) wWHAT???? 'Lemme see!!!

Racing Hatsune Miku 2020: (super cute!)

GSC: we've got little life scale versions of her (itasha) car too!

Me: ???? SHE HAS A CAR?! ((Waaaaantttt))

law | crime | resist 2020 

I couldn't remember the difference between robbery and burglary, but I found this much better snippet while researching

also the only time I've EVER seen this happen online, a game music composer commenting on music they made years and years afterwards, thanking the user for uploading the tracks

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LGBT+ | asexuality | bein' silly 

I'm reading about more obscure aspec identities, and the flag for fraysexual looks like my anime icon smeared across a canvas? or rolled over by a steamroller in a cartoon? literally??? 😆 😅

silly | yu-gi-oh | monster hunter world 

I believe I have discovered The Ultimate Technique™ for MHW :owosneakythink:

monster hunter world | ps4 

back into monster hunter world, just got into high-rank quests! :owosneakythink:

😎 all the BIG stickers are from redbubble, some smaller stickers are exclusives from kickstarters, most of the tiny ones are imported from Japan, and the one in the middle is made by me! designed it myself and everything :owosneaky:


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