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the most dangerous part of time travel isn't the dinosaurs, it's the unregulated theme park/water park rides

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

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my icon waddles up to you (not very tall, maybe 2 ft) pulls out a blunt, and starts smoking it

:cannabis_leaf: :blobsunglasses:


I listen to anime OP's remixed with smoke weed every day, my soul feels refreshed, my crops are watered, my dog healed

got a feeling good things are ahead

I'm reading a very bad listicle titled "20 habits that prevent you from being a millionaire" just to see how completely detached from reality it is and folks

Cultural solutions are better than technical solutions because they're more robust.

A culture of including image descriptions here is something people can take with them to other social media and other areas of life.

A technical solution, like a pop-up telling you you haven't described your image, might help if you forget on that specific platform but it can't make you care if you don't and it can't make you feel supported if your own access needs make descriptions prohibitively difficult.

fucked up how bats have really big hands and use them to fly by literally picking up big handfuls of air and putting it underneath them so that they're on top of it (the air).

I present you: mosey culture (as opposed to hustle culture)

Our goals are out there and we work toward them, but we take our time.

"Someday I want to achieve my goal, but for now check out this pretty flower I have 🌻 . I'm gonna stop and enjoy it before I mosey on to my next task."

the main challenge is "finding the track on Bandcamp or Soundcloud in the 3ish minutes the track is playing"

then it's "did you remember the track name or the artist correctly?"

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I'm gonna play the chiptune radio on youtube, I'll be sure to find some new tracks that way! :3

(15 minutes later)

why is this so difficult

i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

wonder if the "B)" emoticon will change from glasses/sunglasses to a VR headset

local news headline: "new train line could be finished in 15 years if funding is secured"

me: so rich white-guy underground bullshit tunnel in vegas takes 2(ish) years to build but an above-ground train line takes almost 2 decades? 🙄 :thumbsdown_paw: :middle_finger_claw:

i feel like everyone knows about duck genitals, but in the interest of promoting ongoing learning so we can all better make fun of birds, more people should consider woodpecker tongues

tl;dr I'm glad I found my social limit with twitch just being a mod, feel like I have a better understanding of what I want out of streaming as well

in australia, where rabbits are an invasive species that cause awful damage to the native ecosystem, a lot of people celebrate with easter bilbies instead of easter bunnies! the bilby is native to australia and is pretty cute and has just as much business laying eggs as bunnies if you think about it

and yes, you can get chocolate easter bilbies too!

lol I am terrible at remembering forum terms, but the reply was friendly! Wow! :blobcool:

I was seriously worried this forum was intentionally blocking my post because I put she/her in my profile

glad to know now that's probably not true =w=

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👀 my build thread finally got posted in this ridiculous forum, and someone even replied! set my expectations low enough to not be disappointed...

that's the real tell right there that silicon making a 50 dollar mug that heats up to your specified degree as chosen by app is a boondoggle of the highest fucking degree:

nobody has thought about "ok but what if i want to put it in the dishwasher or microwave"

these are crucial steps that someone may do in the making of beverages to put in the mug, or cleaning the mug for the next use. these are also not really considered in this concept. this is a thing created by clueless men of silicon valley who think that their coffee is made by elves and their dishes are done by magic fairies

not really feeling confident in my choices but according to the builder they go together and the cart says it's under budget so I guess now I find ppl to show it to and see if it makes sense to them...

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