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MK8 | life advice 

I'll be playing MK8, racing in the backwards tracks with my mantra,

"just race the course as it is, not as you have memorized it"

then go out living my life forgetting that bit of advice is actually useful outside of racing video games

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

got everything set up on the other account

it was fun while it lasted ! :dragnheart:

new account: made! gonna fiddle around with the settings and profile before importing the follower list

I'm genuinely curious which is harder to get a hold of

PS5 or the Miyoo Mini V2 :thinking_fire:

just a real quick clarification *I did not make the telegram bot*

if you're on the hunt for a miyoo mini v2 I'm more than glad to share the reddit link

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caps lock 

I s2g if clear blue was a more common color for these portable emulators I wouldn't bother with all this hype


I was so close

I had a custom telegram bot that would send a message when the official miyoo store restocked

they had the color I wanted

I was awake at 3am

but because I had all the notifications turned off for "do not disturb" I didn't find out until 12 hours later when they sold out again ;w;

I did manage to find the *official* official website on aliexpress if y'all want it, but I think I might just get a RG280V mini until the hype dies down

wondering if all this effort I'm putting into finding a Miyoo Mini V2 is actually worth it

like, I get why people wouldn't like the 08 speed racer movie, but I really want to rewatch it

think it's colorful camp might be a fun aesthetic change in a world of dark reboots everything else is getting these days

watched that Speed Racer (2008 movie) x Initial D video and like holy shit I have so many feels about racing now

playing sad music looking at my pinned tweets on here was not the best of ideas

I miiight switch up my username around but I'll def let y'all know

ok I've found some alternative instances to move to, gonna try applying for them and we'll see how that goes

so like, which instances are tech, queer, and/or furry related AND accepting new users?

yes I do want to fin a new account to migrate to, no I have yet to pick one

I know for sure I watched s1 but I cannot remember if I gave up in s2 or s5

all I remember is that the dialogue was less whimsy and more sci-fi war strategy and I lost interest

TIL Voltron (the newer one) had 8 seasons???

rando: wow she's so fast! I wonder what she's thinking about

me, 1st in a race: (a Only Girl mashup with September by Earth Wind and Fire)

"wow check out this hologram keyboard and alarm clock with wheels!"

nah, 2005 left me a IM message, said it wants its stuff back

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