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MK8 | life advice 

I'll be playing MK8, racing in the backwards tracks with my mantra,

"just race the course as it is, not as you have memorized it"

then go out living my life forgetting that bit of advice is actually useful outside of racing video games

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

or like, had a pair of roller skates or inline skates

one of those weekends I want to ride with someone who knows how to drift because videos aren't doin' it

(to the tune of "Lady - Hear Me Tonight")

It's a slip, and slide

a controlled glide

slip & slide

in my machine version, a small meter reads 0-5. It starts at 5, and each time you pull its chain, the number goes down by 1. The number is only replenished by waiting. It goes up every 4.8 (24/5) hours, so you get 5 "spoons" a day.

Here it is seen before and after some weathering. I want this machine to reflect both the durability of the spoon theory idea, as well as the hard-earned experience of those practicing it.

#MastoArt #interactive #sculpture #ElectronicsCreators

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I really need to set a calendar app reminder for bandcamp fridays so I remember to buy things from bandcamp

Drooped my phone, got a bundle of dead pixels... (sarcastically monotone) cool awesome great

(pushes the arrow keys and mobile specific buttons on the keyboard, the phone responds to it)

fuck yes, this is great, not that the keyboard is super portable but at least now I can get back to texting people without the swipe keyboard ruining everything :3

you'll never guess who just got a bluetooth keyboard compatible with her smartphone (hint: it's me!!!!!)

time to call my grandma while playing MK8, as is tradition

notice for new followers | mother's day | grief 

for any new followers, Mother's Day is a very sensitive time for me because my mother passed in 2019, we were very close

I usually take time off of social media around this time of year but wanted to share this as a heads up

food mentioned 

feeling better, pretty sure I would feel better if I ate a food but I can't decide on a proper meal food, just more sugar or salty snacks

this is probably a good time to shower, hopefully some of the emotional funk will get rinsed off

did really poorly on today's tournament, think the stuff that I've been going through this week caught up to me

Once of my favorite aspects of chiptune is that the smaller/worse your speakers are the better it sounds :blue_sparkle_heart:

forgot to share this last night after it happened, but tl;dr I got a couple of drops of a drink onto my trackpad, wiped it up, and right after that my cursor decided to become sentient

it would just disappear and reappear randomly, moving mostly left and right

I could kinda get a hold of it using a USB mouse but ultimately the comp had to rebooted to fix the problem :dragnshock:

did okay in today's tournament, maybe I could've done better if I started sooner but it is what it is

fuckin' pissed the only 2 ways of keeping up with this stuff is obsessively checking the twitter account or the tournament website OTL

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