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the most dangerous part of time travel isn't the dinosaurs, it's the unregulated theme park/water park rides

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

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for more info including the tournament room codes, check out

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there's a Mario Kart North American Open tournament this weekend

I think by the time I get through the 150cc (to get the gold tires) I'll be able to get those triple stars a lot easier >B3c

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gonna send some messages I've been putting off and walk my doggo >:3

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a bit long 

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Caps lock | it's good news | emoji spam probably not great for screen readers 

as someone who's played at least 1000 hours in MK8+MK8DX

fuck newest rainbow road at 200cc OTL

not really in the mood to be entertaining today, (pushes in the 90s school tv stand)

So soundcloud made me a near perfect mix today and I had an emotional reaction over how good it is :blobmeltsoblove:

Valentine's joke | 420/weed/cannabis | food 

caps lock acronym 

I'm playin' on team Super Star because stars are cool and rainbows :cool_rainbow: 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 :rainbow_pride_potion:

just another day where I don't know what I'm doing with my life

sticky note: splatfest this weekend

guess I've got A thing to do

perhaps not screen reader friendly due to repetitive emojis 

treated myself to blocking ppl I don't have to/want to interact with anymore on PSN because I got tired of looking at their names "following" me after I unfollowed/unfriended them years ago :blobuwu:



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