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MK8 | life advice 

I'll be playing MK8, racing in the backwards tracks with my mantra,

"just race the course as it is, not as you have memorized it"

then go out living my life forgetting that bit of advice is actually useful outside of racing video games

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

I know for sure I watched s1 but I cannot remember if I gave up in s2 or s5

all I remember is that the dialogue was less whimsy and more sci-fi war strategy and I lost interest

TIL Voltron (the newer one) had 8 seasons???

rando: wow she's so fast! I wonder what she's thinking about

me, 1st in a race: (a Only Girl mashup with September by Earth Wind and Fire)

"wow check out this hologram keyboard and alarm clock with wheels!"

nah, 2005 left me a IM message, said it wants its stuff back

it's incredibly amusing to me that the knicknacks and gadgets that were sold on thinkgeek have made their way into shopping tiktok

carefully wrapped the cables

tied them up

and put them away into boxes

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aww eff I gotta find a new instance again

cleaning out my car

found the PSP & DS car chargers

the era of those systems long over 😭

walk into a ghost town, share a bit of news or a meme, then wander on to the next ghost town

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I'm trying to keep the smaller discord servers I'm in alive, but I feel like a wandering spam bot going from ghost town to ghost town

sometimes I find myself getting grumpy over kids and their ipads

and then I remember my late mother telling me of how she got a tiny CRT TV to play a single Hello Kitty tape (about 20~ minutes long) to play in the car, over and over, for me as a baby for a cross country road trip

I've been marathoning YGO lately if y'all can't tell lolol


Yugi: We've been trapped in not 1, but *2 different virtual reality games*, who the fuck gives a shit about *holograms* anymore?!

it had been over a year so I'm glad I finally made myself figure out which drive is the newest one and back up my laptop

that sense of relief knowing you've backed up your data uwu

autistic trans woman needs to pay 🔌⚡, pls boost 

hey I'm sam! I'm an autistic trans woman struggling to find work to keep myself afloat

it's the end of the month and I'm about 50 bucks short on my power bill, if you can donate anything it would mean a lot!! I had to go without power for several months last year and I don't want to have to repeat that ;u;

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

y'all would think how much I like anthro characters and planes that I would be good at Star Fox games but...I am terrible at dogfighting :oh_no:

got caught up in the Star Fox wiki and now I want to replay the dinosaur one

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