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MK8 | life advice 

I'll be playing MK8, racing in the backwards tracks with my mantra,

"just race the course as it is, not as you have memorized it"

then go out living my life forgetting that bit of advice is actually useful outside of racing video games

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today is a "Retrowave at 11 imagining perfectly executed driving scenes" kinda day

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tired: human buckethead OC's
wired: furry buckethead OC's

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my favorite part about watching old sitcoms/era-specific sitcoms is when the gang finds out what The Internet is

a workplace sitcom, but it takes place in a spoof on a huge game company

hey CNN,

a union strike is not a "blow to the economy" unless you consider giant corporations to be "the economy" and workers to not be

the workers
they have destroyed their cage
the workers are on strike

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so like what the heck *is* OLED anyway?

(2 seconds of searching later)

"organic light-emitting diode"


more NFT complaining 

what happened to all the losers saying

"but if you didn't want people to steal your work why did you put it online"


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more NFT complaining 

just really frustrated these days at how the general perception of digital art went from

"what do you mean there isn't a 'make art button' in photoshop?"


"omg everyone look at my exclusive 3D model trading card gif, it took (a stupid amount of energy) to buy it but uwu it's mine now! right clickers bad! >:C"

y'all could have just done that from the start without destroying the planet in the process.

just pay digital artists accordingly!!! you can put exclusiveness in the TOS/contract you make with a digital artist

crypto BS never had to get involved with digital art yet here we FUCKIN' are

almost relieved in office jobs are back so I don't HAVE to have a new computer to apply for an art job, but like FFS could people stop making NFTs sound cool so I can buy computer parts at a normal price? 💢

my laptop isn't gonna last forever :blobsweats:

are you telling me a non fungus took my arcade tokens? :thinkless:

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what does NFT stand for again?
(2 seconds of research later)

"non fungible tokens"

knew it had to be some ridiculous nonsense

I'm aware of programs that can do that but between my old macbook, newer ipad, and not new android phone it's always kind of a hassle

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I really miss having an easy way to share links between devices, but at least my typing skills are paying off now lolol

My laptop speakers continue to be degraded but chiptunes sound SO GOOD AND CRISPY I want to keep this laptop alive forever so I can listen to chiptunes in their ideal form (lol)

stop scrolling and look at these 8 lesbians playing smash bros

that southern weeb problem when you keep pronouncing the honorific "kun" like "hun"

my sister in-law(? idk if that's right) has a pair she likes, a friend I know offline got a pair of loop earplugs...considering getting a pair but now there's so many different brands :blob_dizzy_face:

do y'all use earbuds for day to day stuff? 🤔 like those for drowning out noise

thank gosh The Elder Scrolls are time-proof, can you imagine if this information was stuck in old technology?

The Elder Zunes™

in the light of day I still think my dancing mecha idea is a good one

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