you’ll have to manually follow me on the new instance, since i cannot migrate current follows

@Mia out of curiosity, what os are you running on your pc there, bash looks- simple!

🚨 Breaking: Epic Games has acquired maia!

I'm are excited to share that maia will be joining Epic Games, who you may know as the makers of Fortnite and Unreal Engine.
yeah kinda need a good idea, protonmail is okay! it does the job but i heard if you’re in a funky household you know what i did
happy birthday! sorry, I have a really large.. and i mean LARGE dataset

pleroma users!

im considering switching over from mastodon,

what are the benefits of pleroma for you? what sets it apart from misskey/mastodon

Transposting how StrAnGe

swearing, + 

@Mia holy shit, that was fast, omw to get one right now oml, which plan did ya get?

@Mia though contabo is giving away 200gb of storage for a 5€ plan which is ideal for a nextcloud

caps, swearing 

@Brxmstone can confirm, my code looks like i did shots every time it didn’t compile

re: Transposting @erin yeah, does healthcare even cover for it?

listening to sewerslvt on my Navidrome instance is looking quite swag aswell haha, i love the magnus archives is fuckin great, you can’t tell me otherwise
@Amber @delve I use a Firefox extension called "I don't care about cookies"

but its not true, i think cookies are delicous
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