pleroma users!

im considering switching over from mastodon,

what are the benefits of pleroma for you? what sets it apart from misskey/mastodon Pleroma has emoji reactions, it also has clients. I'm pretty sure it has instance mutes, but I haven't used it in so long that I don't know.

@blair it doesn't respect blocks which makes it a favorite of serial harassers to the point where some instances defederate on sight no matter how you behave

@neko @blair Wait I did not know this, in what way does it not respect blocks? as someone who used both pleroma and misskey, I use misskey for two major things: custom emoji reactions, and antennae

other than those two things (and the search which sucks on pleroma), misskey is so obviously objectively garbage, and i would not recommend anyone use it
the UI is customizable, yes, but
slow, and laggy
the emoji picker takes, i'm serious, 15 seconds to load
the api is so garbage that there aren't any apps for it on mobile, and you have to use the webapp, which works but takes too much battery trying to constantly stay connected
misskey doesn't use notifications, instead utilizing a slide-in popup from within the window, and a chime, which means
plus i personally like pleromafe a lot better, it's comfy (this is less the pros of pleroma and more begging you to never touch this cursed piece of software) yeah that's what i did but keep in mind that misskey exists
people react to
you with custom emoji, and you can't see it not to mention the fact that replies to misskey users are broken as hell at times if you're on pleroma oh yeah
most of the problems of Not using misskey come from the fact that other people do still use it

now, there's a low but non-zero chance that, with misskey sponsored by RSS3, syuilo will inject some sort of blockchain integration, in which case eeeeveryone jumps ship, and the ecosystem problem disappears

@blair The biggest thing for me is just how lightweight and streamlined it is compared to Misskey and Mastodon, gives it a nice cozy feel
@blair The default frontend is really slick, you can react to posts with emojis, threads can be expanded/collapsed in the middle of a timeline, statuses are annotated with reply numbers, things are generally more customizable, ... there's a lot, and it's definitely worth trying out.
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