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🚨 Breaking: Epic Games has acquired maia!

I'm are excited to share that maia will be joining Epic Games, who you may know as the makers of Fortnite and Unreal Engine.
yeah kinda need a good idea, protonmail is okay! it does the job but i heard if you’re in a funky household you know what i did
happy birthday! sorry, I have a really large.. and i mean LARGE dataset

pleroma users!

im considering switching over from mastodon,

what are the benefits of pleroma for you? what sets it apart from misskey/mastodon

listening to sewerslvt on my Navidrome instance is looking quite swag aswell haha, i love the magnus archives is fuckin great, you can’t tell me otherwise
@Amber @delve I use a Firefox extension called "I don't care about cookies"

but its not true, i think cookies are delicous
the whole "let's inflict psychological damage against this person until they leave fedi" era is kinda dead tbh and good riddance

the urge to hop on one of those camera rigs and nyoom down the street like a badass while I’m filming a badass girl fighting some asshole

transposting, dysphorja ig 

because I’m genderfae (genderfluid but only towards androgynous and femininity) can I still call myself a woman sometimes, I want to- but I feel like I’m not good enough of one to say that, because I look masc irl due to family and I hate that and it just- I wish I didn’t have to do that, that’s all

sorry for my rant

my playlist would be a good band name

Nightmare On E

(Estrogen if you didn’t pick up on that)

:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated! :boost_ok:

I made my own copyleft, anti-nft code license, and I hope y'all will consider it for your code projects! Boosts appreciated for visibility

put your uwu’s and your owo’s in the bag, nya-hahahaha~

void unfortunately wont work for me, i cant easily get my vpn working and i didnt realize there was no systemd! back to square one


look at me go fedi!! yes me, blair made perfect pancakes :]

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