@nightpool Can you shoot me a link where I can read what instances we block here on cybre.space?

The current list of ways something can get into the federated timeline:

- someone from your server is following that user
- someone from your server replied to that user
- someone from your server is following someone who replied to that user
- someone from your server liked/boosted it
- someone from your server copy/pasted the link into the search box, causing the server to load it

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heads up for cybre.space users 

WANTED: Really good AFK advocate for a adult, based in north-west Wales, in exchange Real Money™.


RT = 👍

Hey weekend Masto peeps

I have a horrible living situation & need to get out of it this summer so I can start HRT! I have a place to go once the Fall semester starts, but would also really like to just live somewhere independently, so if any LGBT folks in south west PA are looking for roomates or would otherwise be able to take one on, I would really appreciate getting in contact.

Boosts appreciated

The breakdown of percentages of mastodon users by country of residence makes the whole "WHY AREN'T THEY SPEAKING ENGLISH" thing particularly amusing.

I mean the number of people on mastodon just from either France or Japan was what, 2/3 of the entire userbase, at least?

long discourse 

@bksmgglr Sure thing, here's the video, check the description for a link to the blog post: youtube.com/watch?v=HKJpCSyPn8

If you want to follow those rules, fine.

But you now have choices to make about who to federate with. You always had choices but now you are being forced to make them.

They're not necessarily easy choices. Doing what is "right" is subjective. I can't tell you what to do. I can't tell you what to do because /I/ don't know what to do.

Obviously "block illegal content" is up there on the list but whatever else you do is up to you now.

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@Rushyo Plus, I think there's other ways to mitigate fakes, but they require a certain level of public awareness. News sites could run their own instances, so if Tom Brokaw isn't tooting from @brokaw@nbc.com, you know they're a fake. An instance could host celeb accounts and offer verification services, so the domain is the validation, not some checkmark. It's a different way of thinking about social networking, but probably a healthier/more sustainable one in the long run.

Me yesterday:

Let's build a air pollution sensor. This will be fun.

Me today:

Hm, is my sensor damaged? It shows values above the air polution limits. This can't be right 🤔 .

Opens map of luftdaten.info

🙀🙀🙀 toot.berlin/media/XM0Ew7ec5mxG

212,454 accounts
+6,815 in the last hour
+12,412 in the last day
+99,152 in the last week
632 active instances

Some things I learned about the Mastodon web UI:

The profile page of a user on another server won't show all of their follows/posts. Open it in a new tab (by middle-clicking their username in a toot) to view them all.

To boost or fav a toot on an external site, copy its URL into the search box on your local instance. The toot will be shown as a search result.

After 3 explosives went of near the bus of Borussia Dortmund the match got postponed a day. To accomodate the Monaco fans Borussia fans started a social media campaign opening their doors, offering beds. I love humanity from time to time. 🙂

@bksmgglr @jd Ah, try https. I still need to setup http --> https redirect. Apologies for my laziness.

@cws My estimate is half will be gone in two months. Multiple servers will be lost because nobody is doing regular backups, 90% of those users on dead servers will say "fuck it" and go back to Twitter. 3/4 of all the new users will be gone in a year.

A few brands, a couple "actual famous" not "Internet famous" will pop in for a while, bring another burst of attention with them, and then let their accounts languish.

None of this means Mastodon has "failed" it's just regular attrition. Bottom line is as cool as Mastodon is people want a centralized service because they can't stand that there are servers full of people that can't just be banned from the network (like mine); and find the incongruous usability experience of federated servers to be annoying and unnecessary. There will be many people who remain, and the fediverse, with a large number of Mastodon servers, will continue to exist and make its users happy. "Niche" groups that find the Fediverse (most likely through Mastodon) will be kink groups, bot-makers and experimenters that are fed up with Twitter's shitty rate-limited API, communities based around shared trauma or unique social experience. Other groups will stick around, too. Most of the GNU Social instances will not go away or convert to Mastodon. These people will all come together to Keep the Fediverse Weird (the way it ought to be, tyvm.)

Those are my public predictions. I have other predictions that I am not sharing because sometimes saying the future changes the outcome.
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