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y'all eveer just fuckinnnnnn nap

bloody marvelous stuff

it;s like syrupy. might grab some sparkling water or something to thin it out for drinking

my ginger beer turned out weidly thicc and idk why. i thought i followed all the fermentation stuff correctly but i musta done something off

i never felt older than when i went to a brockhampton gig. teens everywhere

the members that are still in it seem nice tho. kevin abstract is a cool dude

wonder can u make it with store bought.... if it has grains in it still hmm

milk kefir is so tasty god i need to start making this.

hoping that the place i did that fermenting workshop will be cool giving me a few milk kefir grains whenever i'm able to start. nice and tangy and smooth, like a yogurt drink!

no better way to sell me on an album than "it's dreamy and kinda depressed pop"

High Pitched and Moist - Tami T

good dreamy electronicy poppy album. frank and real about life, love, sex, herself.

ive never had a pet before but i imagine that all this fermentation is like p much the same thing. raising these microorganisms big and strong

wanna finish work and go home and continue playing

butterfly soup is v good game ty for coming to my ted talk

got huge donks going in my ear rn to try wake me up. so sleeby

bfoty relayed

there is nothing funnier than giant salamanders they look exactly the way the word "slorp" sounds

bfoty relayed

food, drink, "hopefully) alcohol, fizzy sounds, strawberry wine 

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