just bought Abyssal Body by


super good music right outta Adelaide. highly recommended. suiting my night vibe rn. moody, kinda poppy, good vocals. v solid imo

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PSA for anyone getting Pokemon Sword/Shield, turn off autosave 

due to being unable to use 2 account due to bad brain, i p much exclusively use @bfoty omo

food, fermenting, hot sauce 

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fun fact: it's called Neon Mega Drive Evangelion outside of america

barely logged in here lately but man i love the design of cybre space

artists i saw 

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went to primavera in barcelona there over the weekend. amazing festival, amazing city. fell in love with both, want to go back to both

find it so hard to find the kinda soft melancholy audio aesthetic i love when looking on bandcamp. someday

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food, jar of fermenting hot sauce, squirt noise 

i hope cyber is doing well i forget to login

ideal ship dynamic:
me and anyone i like

vivienxo.bandcamp.com/releases find it truly wild how only apparently like 16 people inc me bought this on bandcamp? it's so good tho???

coffee talk, cold drip 

im back from melbourne what did i miss any scoops any scandals

heading to melbourne for a holiday tomorrow and ive done p much zero research so have no idea what im actually gonna do there. i just wanna eat a lot

food, drink, kombucha, flavour ideas? 

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