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"hey baby elephant, what do you think of these strange rubber tubes constantly emitting a stream of water from realms unknown? we call them 'hoses' "
"i think they're great!" :ameowbongo: 🐘

everything is pretentious if you think about it

every fiction medium needs about 50 times more chuuni cringe than it already has

15 hours in, I would only give Xenoblade Chronicles 2 about an 8/10, except that it has an item called Moonbeam Banana which knocks it up an entire extra point

psycho 2 is so surprisingly good that i continually forgot it was filmed in colour as i was watching it

cis people be like "but they're the only family i've got"

Bexe relayed

opposition to rent control is when economists learn about Hanlon's Razor

"how are you playing this game? how are your eyeballs playing this game?"
"inference, mostly"

emulation rendering artifacts are canon

prithee be careful, rex. i don't want to see m'blade squandered.

jar jar binks but he keeps insisting he's from the mesozoic period

untreated lead pipes and their consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Bexe relayed

under the light of a full moon i transform into a creature that has the ability and means to accomplish tasks, im a werewithal

Bexe relayed

tetrahedronia: a psychological condition characterized by the inability to experience triangles in three-dimensional states

the opposite of hyperopia isn't hypopia
this is obviously wrong

fruit tierlist tierlist and it's all pictures of streamers

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