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everything being covered in gold & made of skulls is the one thing i do not hold against the catholic church

graduating mega cum load with a BS in statistics and a BM in communications

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Co-founder of “Food Not Bombs” Global, Arrested today

"Keith McHenry, the co-founder of the global movement “Food Not Bombs” was arrested and jailed by the Santa Cruz Police Department today for the crime of serving food to the unhoused community members. Approximately 10 officers of the Santa Cruz Police Department arrested Keith at approximately 10:00 am today, December 27, 2022, in River Street Parking Garage #10, 24 River Street, as he was setting up tables to serve a meal out of the intense rain.

This egregious treatment of this community hero comes just two days after Food Not Bombs served a free Christmas feast to over 500 unhoused persons in downtown Santa Cruz. Keith is being held at Santa Cruz County Jail facing two misdemeanor charges of blocking a parking space and loitering in a parking garage. The police also confiscated some equipment belonging to Food Not Bombs including tables, cups for coffee and sugar."

#FoodNotBombs #Repression #antireport #mutualaid #FreeThemAll

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Trans girls will say shit like "no thoughts head empty I'm a total bimbo" then proceed to infodump about type theory.

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Actually cannot believe this. After 13 years, Sony/BMG have decided to take down Rick Astley's "Never gunna give you up" due to a dispute with Youtube over ad royalties.

It's completely blocked globally. Actual end of an era.

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capitalism, credit scores 

So you're telling me that some rich dude started assigning numbers to strangers to inaccurately predict how much they're willing to work against their will, and other rich dudes liked the idea so much that the number now has a real impact on people's lives, and then some people learned how to game it by borrowing when they didn't need to, so now you're expected to learn about these random companies and perform their rituals demonstrations of faith to have a decent life?

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Computer Meme 

Based on a stupid discussion I had, I present to you: The Shader Alignment Chart!


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This is John Mastodon.

John CWs triggering and stressful posts.

John captions his images.

John boosts everything he would have liked to see in his timeline if he hadn't seen it.

John is kind.

Be like #JohnMastodon.

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(to the tune of “modern major general”)

I am the very model of a modern johnny mastodon
I’ve information federated; posted and then passed along
I know the latest meta and I quote the memes historical
from jokes of jorts to pineapples in order categorical
I’m very well-acquainted too with matters programmatical
I’ve learned to work with ruby and with frameworks enigmatical
about the twitter influx I am teeming with the latest news
on bullshit elon musk has done and twitter layoff interviews

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This is something I'm really worried about. We need a response to AI generated art that doesn't depend on expanding surveillance or censorship (through stricter IP enforcement) or criminalize research etc (by expanding CFAA to include image scraping for example)

We've been down this exact road before, from the creation of the VCR to the explosion of the Internet. #CopyrightMaximalism does not help artists. Period. We need a better way. #copyright #AI #AIart #NoAIart #artificialintelligence

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“So you’re saying that Mastodon’s founder isn’t named John Mastodon, and he didn’t name the platform after him.”

ahaha, no. bit of a misconception there.

“And you’re saying the founder’s actual name is—“

—Website Boy, yes

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TIL cohost expects you to *own the intellectual rights* to all content you post, and it reserves the right to do literally whatever they want with it, *including selling those rights to third parties*

time to migrate to a new instance or maybe disappear

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transphobia shitpost 

oh, you're transphobic on the internet? it's probably because you're young and it's trendy to be transphobic now and you want attention.
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