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0 · ∞ = the sound of a cat finally having purred itself to sleep

depression got me like: i don't even have a joke to make about it

joke for Ontarians 

The Enigma of Amigara Ford

fiction is real because our thoughts are real
therefore, fiction is a form of theory

how to accidentally take vyvanse sublingually 

step 1: place vyvanse in mouth
step 2: realise your water glass is empty
step 3: head to the bathroom to fill it
step 4: see your cats on the way there
step 5: pet your cats instead of getting water
step 6: kiss your cats' bellies instead of getting water
step 7: tell your cats they're lovely people instead of getting water

gender dysphoria --- 

femJerma hurts me way more than i ever expect it to every single time i see it

"conservative is the new counterculture" slaps way better when you parse it as "antisocial"

being in poverty is a violation of my human right to preorder splatoon 3

data is the spin of an electron
information is knowing what it's entangled with

Bexe relayed

The Mortuary Assistant is an allegory of capitalism

i wish all
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario MPPs
a very
[redacted for legal reasons]

bad splat3 joke 

Q: How do we know Frye is canonically a vampire squid?
A: Because she clearly never should have seen the light of day.

Splatoon 3 is proof that it's still worth having hope in this worldline

school is gameplay because it's a series of skillchecks

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 spoilers 

i swear to GOD if Zeke is Addam larping a fake identity

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 spoilers 

calling the Flesh Eaters as being human hybrids exactly two seconds before the game states it outright is a great feeling

the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 english dub is good, actually

gonna plug that splatoon 3 direct ly into my veins

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