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this is probably something i should have posted much earlier but:
the third galactic is happening in a few hours! check us out if you like ! we have some great stuff lined up and i am excited

🎉 I'm releasing new crossword software today! cursewords is a terminal-based interface for solving crossword puzzles while looking like a hacker. Opens most any .puz file on Mac or Linux. ✏️📓


actually I should probably have said, what makes social media platforms succeed and fail at becoming or staying popular; that's definitely not the only metric of success. still very illuminating

very long (20,000 words) but very good read on what makes social media platforms succeed and fail:


(pretty interesting but I did have to switch to Chrome to play it :( )

i'm pretty excited for the NSA's upcoming open-source reverse engineering framework — a bit apprehensive because, well, it's the NSA, but it looks powerful and whoever came up with the name and logo has 🐉 🔥 good taste

The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America (dark stuff, content warnings in link):

the psychological cost of content moderation is immense and well underappreciated (and underpaid for)

"Jumps: The New Steps() in Web Animation" by Dan Wilson

This is interesting, even if it doesn't add much to CSS animation timings that you couldn't already do. Only Firefox 65+ for now apparently.

I'm sure everybody has heard about Doug Bowser and nominative determinism by now but this is my favorite attempt to describe it so far (birdsite link)

it looks like things are stuck on "Awaiting approval. Click to cancel follow request" which idk even, but, sad

hmm weird importing my old list of accounts i'm following didn't seem to work completely

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