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I was trying to see if LinkedIn got any less spammy since I last checked — I'm still not sure but I learned from this article the following reply to unwanted recruitment spam: "Ok, message me on Updog"

this is insane (a 256-byte executable that procedurally generates a really good electronic music track):

This goes back to my talk on how tech literacy creates a two-tiered society:

It's like, "Oh, you're the average non-techie? Here's some software that will completely disrespect you and take advantage of you at every turn."

"Oh, you're a *programmer*? I'm so sorry sir, that was the secret handshake. Here's some software that respects your privacy and doesn't exploit you for profit. Have a marvelous day."

you can see all the Rick Riodan Presents stuff here. it's pretty cool:

if you're gonna be a popular white dude the least you can do is help promote the work of others. it'd be IDEAL if this weren't necessary but......i'll take what i can get, i guess

like what the fuck? i wanna read this. i wanna read this real bad tbh.

Spent the last... 3? 4? hours re-organizing and re-themeing my site for 2019.

How do y'all like it?

Maybe I should just make this my main account...

I need to re-learn how to write a Dijkstra's apparently

tbh competitions motivate me way more than I wish they did and I wish there were more opportunities for small-scale friendly collaborative optimization like that thread

whoops «_ works just as well as {L(} so that's −2 bytes

day 6 level 1, 90 painful bytes of Paradoc:
l]μ',-WIm}.E™εŒqÆ}{…d*¨}q‡d¦\{~…*¨}dÐ+{μ;9k:EεZ±zŠ<k;_{>kX&p¸u¸u\}?};} f$G}d+$‹_G{L(}-¨LmÆ

I wrote two bugs today, and the gap to third place widened but the gap to second place shrank

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