for this lab in our cybersecurity class we get to do web exploitation, which is fun, except the grading scripts use some ancient version of phantomjs so we have to write javascript like it's 2009 or something and uggggggh

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@bob perhaps to be clearer — by "more about" I mean something like "this is what Keybase is trying to do that other services doing cryptography don't", although the most user-facing parts of their pitch do seem to be encrypted chat like you said

@bob Keybase appeared to me to be more about the cryptographic proofs of identity on various sites than encrypted chat per se. Do we have decentralized (and comparably user-friendly) alternatives for that?

somebody made css golf

it seems to be such an obvious idea in hindsight that i'm surprised nobody has done it before, and a priori this is super my jam! but the gap between my optimized solutions and the scoreboard toppers for even the first challenge is absurd, and after looking at some mindblowing optimized answers in the discussion i have decided that css golf is not a sport for mortals

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meanwhile a gem that was published just today: one man's quest to write the perfect pokérap (with all of the current 812 pokémon), from pax east 2019

@dzaefn i did start with this thought because i was wondering if it would be useful, but i think the way i'm imagining it you'll just see everything on the screen shimmering nearly constantly and won't really be able to see any of the events you care about (or their absence) among the 10,000 other things going on

whenever you move your mouse or click something you see little ripples of some supernatural quality propagate outwards from the mouse at the speed of javascript

useless superpower: you can perceive every DOM event fired in a modern browser (whether or not there are listeners attached)

in other news: it takes a special kind of mad genius to have the last levels in a rhythm game be in 5/4 time and 7/4 time

this is probably something i should have posted much earlier but:
the third galactic is happening in a few hours! check us out if you like ! we have some great stuff lined up and i am excited

🎉 I'm releasing new crossword software today! cursewords is a terminal-based interface for solving crossword puzzles while looking like a hacker. Opens most any .puz file on Mac or Linux. ✏️📓

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