spent some time this week tweaking my website (again), trying to find the right combination of accessibility, standards-compliance, bandwidth-friendliness, and aesthetics: beta.vero.site/

feedback/critique appreciated!

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@sydia you are right, but plenty of lenovo laptops with both a nub and a track pad have just one set of buttons between them

after i've used my work laptop for a month, yesterday my mentor pointed out to me that it has two sets of mouse buttons. wtf lenovo?

i realized in bed i forgot to add alt-text to the image, so: it's a screenshot of glimpse (the fork of gnu image manipulation software, not that they're visually distinguishable yet) except almost all the icons are replaced with little broken crossed-out file icons because i am not, in fact, a leet hacker

@tindall not sure what the original thread was but i think the reason people use icons is simple and not particularly interesting — you can fit more icons than text into limited space (small screens etc)

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@em is that I Knew You Were Trouble? fits the syllabic gymnastics 😀

apparently somebody is selling their bath water on the internet and i found out because i saw memes about waluigi selling bath water and bernie sanders selling bath water (both of which are, i assume, not real things, albeit one more obviously so than the other)

@socalledunitedstates some nights by fun.?

♪ some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle / some nights I wish they'd just fall off ♫

(no sand and this is not a recurring part of the song though)

nice, i forgot about keybase integration for a while but it works now

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