it looks like some book writing software acquired most dangerous writing app and added writing prompts (and analytics and tracking) (well, at least their privacy policy is pretty upfront about it)?

maybe this is useful to some people but uh, i'll probably pass...

fortunately the source is still on github and it looks like you can serve from the gh-pages branch quite well


...except not directly on free github pages because the path from the root is different and wow why am i doing this i just wanted to force myself to write some words

@betaveros procrastination is a terrible thing

also i'm pretty sure write or die still exists if you need something

@InspectorCaracal it works great locally and if i am too lazy i can absolutely shove it onto a custom subdomain of mine. but this should be home territory for me. it's just a react app!

i looked at write or die and... i have no idea what all the sliders mean :(

@betaveros oh my god i went to look and the site looks terrifying now

back in My Day it was just a simple web writing app where you told it how mean you wanted it to be and what your goal was

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