this is insane (a 256-byte executable that procedurally generates a really good electronic music track):

re LB: kind of serendipitous to come up for air from immersing myself in 6502 assembler and find this on my timeline

(why am i stuck in 6502 assembler? someone recently said something along the lines of "could a Lisp even fit in 4KB, like Tiny Basic did?" and, um, someone seems to have taken it as a bit of a challenge.

i'd much rather have my head buried in 6809 assembler - but the 6809 didn't exist in the earliest days of home computers. the 8080 is an option too, but *squick* intel instruction sets...)

A friend once took a Mandelbrot generator I had written and stripped it down to 256 bytes. I wrote it in assembler so you could surf Julia sets in real time on a 386.

@betaveros this is the theme you get when you pick @CobaltVelvet on a character select screen

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