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Just a PSA that it's OK to be pronoun indifferent. You don't have to correct people when they use the wrong pronoun on you, and you don't have to proactively broadcast yours, especially if you're not comfortable doing those things. You're still valid as a nonbinary person.
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To date (according to this article) 52 straight/cis actors have been nominated for playing queer/trans characters in film, while no openly queer/trans actor have been nominated for for playing queer/trans characters in film. bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-459263

how many bussy jokes are you allowed to make from one account? will i get banned if i toot like "universal serial bussy supports plug and play"

rude of attractive people to have nice bodies while I'm eating an entire pizza by myself

this is not a quote from the show. some depressed-ass captioner out there is having a really shit day.

@mardiroos @_ampersand @dayglochainsaw @thatcosmonaut imagine I wipe my hands on your shirt to dry my hands. I do it everyday. Eventually, one day, you convince me to start using a hand towel instead.

My life isn't worse for using a hand towel. I swear to the sweet lord baby Jesus, it's actually better for using a hand towel.

If/when men have complete access to the mental health services (and are not stigmatized for using them)...

@mardiroos @_ampersand @dayglochainsaw @thatcosmonaut the flaw with this take is, life isn't a zero sum game. Deconstructing patriarchy isn't going to create new emotional strife for men -- it's going to unburden women. That strife isn't some immutable quantity fated to persist in the universe.

Mens lives will change, but they literally *will* be better. Anyone who says otherwise is just nostalgic for manpain tbh.

saw this circulating as a text post. thought it could use some attribution.

@garfiald nope too late, you're canonical Garfield. You can adopt a humansona if you want but

@Secondary_world calling the working class lazy is some bougie bullshit. I don't care what your mind does, but this is a shitty ass take.

the last time i went to america i got shot because i forgot to tip the ambulence driver

@erosdiscordia I couldn't tell if it was going to be funny or just reprehensible 😅😅

if i was a dolphin and also a porn star my stage name would be e e cummings

to one of my favorite selfies from this boy who looks kinda like me

"are you a boy or a girl"
"i'm a pokemon trainer"
"but like what's in your pants"
"a potion, a couple TMs, and a Rhydon"

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