Boston Dynamics is close to delivering the break dancing robots I never knew I always wanted.

What a wonderful time to be alive (for two or three years before ultimately they adapt this tech into weaponized murderbots)!

@benj_red spinning on their hands with their feet guns flailing about

@benj_red Will I be able to afford to have myself soldered into one of these when I'm too old to walk?

@benj_red Almost the most amazing part about it is the balance corrections it made with its arms.

@benj_red @chr cool! Also I'm generally optimistic about the threat of death bota but that straight up looks like a reaper from Titanfall

@benj_red Enjoy for now, in a couple of years he will be knocking at your door asking for John Connor

@benj_red And it is now owned by a Japanese company, SoftBank.

@Utzer @benj_red

Gee Whiz, Softbank.

It's good to know the name of the company that will kill all humans.

Other break dancing murderbots: check out this windmill flamethrower headspin into semiautomatic air flare 1990.

Me, as a break dancing murderbot:

@benj_red I think its more than 2-3 probably about 5-20 years before we get murderbots on this chassis.

@benj_red This is one of those days where I suddenly realize we are significantly closer to the cyberpunk future than we were the year before.

@benj_red "Welcome human! I will dance you the end of your species!"

Ie peux avoir vne gambe bioniqve (ta mère) comme le sieur robot ?

@Karneolius yes, it looks like that’s what they’re going for here. They’ll probably need to tighten-up the design a bit before it’s ready for the dance floor.

Oh la VACHE ! Ils on fait de sacrés progrès sur la bipédie °o°

@benj_red Like most Boston Dynamics videos, there is a seriously creepy vibe here.


Bang on. These are the robot cops of the future. Nothing good will come of this, as very little good has come of most tech lately.

@benj_red My bank, the Triodos Bank, does not invest in Google, because Google owned Boston Dynamics and Boston Dyn serves the military.

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