I left birdsite a year ago because it's moderation is terrible and drives away queer folk, women, people of color, etc. I honestly have no clue if the fediverse is better or if those problems here are just less talked-about.

Can someone recommend a queer-friendly instance led by women of color?

@benj_red lots of queer friendly instances but I don't know if any are run by WOC. If you get an answer please tag me?

@benj_red well I know instances led by people of color and I know instances led by queer women.

I also know of instances led by dogs, yeens, and one with an orc if that suits your purposes?

@benj_red Wow, sounds like a long shot.

On the upside, there's no Nazis, Brockbots, spammers or Jack Dorsey here, and we chased off a shithead D-List celebrity a few weeks or so ago.

@flugennock @benj_red The Nazis are on the Fediverse (their instances are often blocked though, but they can always stand up a new instance and evade blocks), and I've seen a few spammers tbh

@bhtooefr @benj_red So far, I've reported a grand total of one (1) spammer on here.


You should see all the spam follows I get in Birdland. I posted a joke about Bitcoin and blockchain and got half a dozen spam follows from Bitcoin hucksters about half an hour later.

@flugennock @benj_red Yeah, it's a lot better for that right now, although part of that I think is just a lack of popularity, I'm not aware of any specific anti-spam measures

@flugennock like 6% of the population of America is black women. Given there are literally thousands of instances, this really shouldn't be a long shot.

And yet with 37 boosts, still not one answer. (Which I guess kinda *does* answer the question.)

@benj_red @flugennock The majority of instances are not American, though. I do disagree about exactly how long the shot is, but those instances are largely clustered in France, Germany, and Japan.

There's definitely a point to be made about representation in leadership roles, but hosting a Mastodon instance is still an incredibly niche thing. As others have said: there are black-led instances, queer-led instances, women-led instances, but perhaps not all 3 in the same person.

@benj_red @flugennock With that said: it's still possible for one to exist! Mastodon as a whole is far more queer than average, so "queer-friendly" is the majority of instances. I think the closest to what you initially asked for is, which is run by a latina trans lesbian. is the most visibly black instance. Any randomly-selected admin is more likely trans than not. I'm just not sure there's any place keeping track of this info.

@trwnh @flugennock I didn't even ask about queer black women though. I just asked about women of color who are actively not homophobic.

Crunch the numbers however you like, if people fitting that description are underrepresented (I'm still waiting to hear evidence they aren't) that's probably worth paying mind.

@benj_red @trwnh
Still, out of all the lesbian women of color, how many of them are programmers and/or network engineering types? Sadly, probably not a lot.

@flugennock @trwnh for a super low cost, you can get your own Mastodon instance hosted for you. For example

@benj_red *had* a black woman admin when they launched but she left, idk

@LogicalDash huh, I wonder what was the story there? Maybe nothing, but...

@LogicalDash @benj_red im +1ing PlayVicious here; *easily* one the dopest, wokest, and most welcoming instance on the fediverse.
And @ArtistMarciaX is awesome!
Highly recommend

@somarasu @LogicalDash @benj_red Hey Hey! late to the convo (I had class) but hi! Marcia at your fedi services.
I'm a mostly kind and generous boi of color :) and PV is lovely

Thanks for shouting me out lads!

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