Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets except it's Twitter execs reading tweets Twitter claimed didn't violate Twitter standards, to their moms

@bryn as with Pokemon, I trap all my moods in a small ball and never let them escape until it’s fighting time

the only thing video games got right is that you're supposed to kill the bosses.

"Our weird cultural commitment to the gender binary goes way beyond actual living men and women—if it didn’t, people wouldn’t freak out so badly when someone declines to choose. Masculinity and femininity are concepts we layer on top of everything from people to pens to political parties. [...] It’s the confused hetero doofus asking a gay couple 'which one’s the woman,' except for the entire world."

CW: uspol


tha degs never seen moving water b4, so I took degs down to th river. they like

petition to change the phrase "toot my own horn" to "boost my own toot"

@benj_red oh i love this song. "Do Not Eat" was Silica Gel's best album. Dessicant Records really lost a gem when they didn't renew their contract

I found this disturbing graphic about millennial dietary dangers. Your generation is so fragile.

*Marvin Gaye voice*
Banishing a demon?
You need Hexual Sealing

Your scientists were so preoccupied with Kanye West that they didn't stop to think Shouldye West

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