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Went back to visit the pupper again. She’s staying brave!

Btw my social media posts are going to be like 96% dog photos for a while. Hope that’s OK. 🐕

She pressed her face against ours as we hugged her and held her in our arms. After an hour or so, she found the courage to walk around a bit. It was a short walk — she soon found the shade of a bench to hide under. From there, she sat and watched, curious, as other dogs and humans and some pigeons bustled about the street corner. I think she’ll take time to get comfortable in open spaces. For now she’s waiting at the shelter to get shots and medical treatments. We’re taking her home next week.

This is the puppy Josh and I are adopting. She turned six months old two days ago. On her half-birthday, she took a 24-hr plane ride halfway around the world, to arrive at the shelter where we found her. She was the first we saw when we walked in, and we didn’t bother looking further. She stared sheepishly at us from the back of the kennel, and bowed her head. She doesn’t know life outside a cage (rescued from a meat market); when they took her out, she shook like a leaf. [1/2]

Someone took data from The American Kennel Club, and came up with a plot infographic ranking dogs into quadrants based on things like intelligence and popularity.

i got out mspaint and fixed it (original not attached) meow.social/media/nfrUFKQRjQ6x

Optimist: AI has achieved human-level performance!

Realist: “AI” is a collection of brittle hacks that, under very specific circumstances, mimic the surface appearance of intelligence.

Pessimist: AI has achieved human-level performance.

hey twitter - there's a lot of good awareness now about the fact that all users can add image descriptions to twitter for people who use screen readers. Here's some tips on how to do this well:
(This is my job)

can Dain Yoon's makeup style become the next big thing, like, this is so fucking dope, this is a fucking look

"In 2017, I learned that the fulcrum of white supremacy isn’t violence, as I had always thought. It was virtue."

If you read nothing else today, read this: theroot.com/why-2017-was-the-y

mrs claus was invented by capitalists to fool you into thinking that christmas is just another heteronormative holiday

miss claus does exist tho she is santa's cousin and she's asexual. she lives in antarctica at the mcmurdo research base and she studies pulsars

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#TIL: "Half-siders" are chimæric birds that formed from two embryos that fused, and which have different coloured plumage on each side.



↪ 11,341 abandoned rape kits identify 817 serial rapists in one Michigan county on.freep.com/2CYLuRG