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Yussssssss. I got all strawberries and the cassette on the first level of Celeste. And I am many screens in on the side B for it.

"Here is the magic sword."
"Which only the chosen one can use?"
"Not quite, my lady, it goes with-"
"This shield?"
"Yes, they both go with-"
"Ooh, nice armour!"
"The magic armour, yes. Which only the chosen can-"
"Looks like my size, help me try it on!"
"That's why we're here."
#EditedToRemoveLeftoverQuotes #Apologies

inside each of us is two wolves

one is on a train

the other is strapped to a track

if you pull the lever,

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Things this does not mean:

- ship something broken
- rush near the end

If you've thought about shipping from day one, it will have shaped so many things about your projects: the experiments you tried, the corners you cut, the corners you *didn't* cut, how quickly you reach for the cheap+ugly solution versus carving jade, how eagerly you push for getting something usable to reevaluate whether you're on the wrong track.

That's what "knows how to ship" means I think.

@HTHR Our waitress at dinner tonight had a very simple outline of a large hexagon on her inner forearm and I thought of you.

@Are0h N.K. Jemisin cast shade on the whole post-apocalypse genre when she obliquely critiqued that kind of survival/killing fetishism in Broken Earth. The obviously sensible thing, the heroine reflects at one point, is to band together in stable communities, not to kill each other--something only a fringe of violent and desperate individuals engage in.

It's pretty fucked up how your elbows bend forward but your knees bend backward.

Hi internet friends. I have a very dear friend with over a decade of technical writing experience who is likely to get deported in the next month unless they can find a job.

Anyone looking for technical writers in the Bay Area?

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Movie violence, beer, excessive denim, Jan Damme (jean Van Damme) Show more

I had a fun dream last night.

Two versions of Wonder Woman had crossed over into our universe, with our Wonder Woman.

The first one was rich, fabulous so. The second one was famous.

Upon seeing our universe's Wonder Woman, the other two said.

Rich: I bet she doesn't know how to help someone balance a book.

Famous: I bet she doesn't know how to help someone post a good picture.

GUYS: is it gay to unionize? I mean you're literally organizing workers into a union.

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