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Spent all my video game time being responsible and doing organizing tasks or doing tasks on my list that I could do at this time of evening/night. Some of it was just turning vague or big list items into more, smaller list items, which doesn't feel great to me, but is necessary if I ever want those big items to be, well, done.

Why arguments against a 70% marginal tax rate for income over $10 million is absurd (look at all that money they'd STILL have):

With this, I have moved the last of the existing Linguistics Minute posts to my blog: This one's a bit of a cheat, tbh. But place names sure are ridiculous.

Next blog posts are very likely to be a bunch of book reviews for stuff I've read since, roughly, October. And then later, there might be more linguistics crap. Or maybe I'll do another giant movie sequel pitch for some reason. WHO KNOWS. It's the beauty/horror of a personal blog, y'all. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I have a bunch of 40% off codes for use on, and the UA shopping mobile app. Let me know if you want one.

Good morning, bits and bytes! 🌇

I hope everyone is having as lovely a morning as I am. Musing about kiddos and play on the timeline really put me in a good mood on the bus to work. 💖

Importantly, of course, if they stop giggling or say, "stop," you immediately stop. Should go without saying, but it doesn't.

My youngest really loves this stuff and will often be like, "Daddy, sit on me," and I do (not really my full weight) and then be like, "stop stop," take a short breather and then be like, "again!!" Often I get tired of it first.

In general I'm a proponent of "big body play". Many kids like to be a bit rough and you can be rough and gentle at the same time. I think it's important for kids to experience an adult sort of smashing on them lovingly. That's a weird sentence to say, but, like… turning a kid upside down and doing a really big hug are more common examples, I guess? But there's a much wider field than that. Most of it sounds really awful to describe, tbh. But it really is gentle and fun.

They stop naturally doing it around 4 or so. But you get a kid to grab your middle finger. Your palm is up and theirs is down. Then you lightly hold their hand with your thumb on the back of their hand and your pointer in their palm. Then you wiggle the shit out of their arm and say, "noodle arms" a bunch.

They'll find it hilarious, generally, and their arms do that thing you can do with pencils that makes them look wobble? I highly recommend it.

Talking to @pantlesshero reminded me to tell tis story: I have a hard time dropping of the 4yo at child care in the morning. Not because I miss my kid, exactly (though I have been there), but because I just wanna hang out with the littles and be silly all day.

This morning, I got "stuck" doing noddle arms with a bunch of 3- and 4yos over and over. Noodle arms is a thing I invented when I worked in child care I'm college. Little kids have this natural ability to hold fast with the hand, but relax their arm.

The second one, of course, makes me think of the fediverse. But it's a weird thing. Because it's not just the first lines, but the meter and rhyme scheme. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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The 7yo keeps bringing home schoolyard rhymes that collide with famous songs. It's weird. Two examples follow:

I love every lesbian. I love the nice lesbians i love the cute lesbians I love the grouchy lesbians I love the chaotic lesbians i love the butch lesbians I love the femme lesbians I love the lesbians in between. I love the he/him lesbians and the nonbinary lesbians and the she/her lesbians. I love the power femme lesbians I love the lesbians that are super good at makeup. I love the lesbians with ring of keys tattoos. I love the rural lesbians and the urban lesbians and the lesbians who are tryna escape the burbs. I love the black lesbians and the white lesbians and the latinxs lesbians and the asian lesbians and the mixed lesbians. I love the lesbians who own a lot of makeup but never use it. I love the lesbians online and I love the analogue lesbians. I love the lesbians who are just coming out, I love the lesbians who are in sad relationships with men and who will never come out, I love the lesbians with bed death and the lesbians who think they are the shane of the friend group. I love lesbians who try to do a cateye wing and fail. I love every lesbian in the whole world especially YOU.

i imagine most people have noticed by now, but if you didn't: i moved to @shoofle! go there from now on for your Hot Shoofle Content. there hasnt been much hot content yet tho just the regular kind

Femmes of Mastodon: how the hell do you keep bra straps from moving into the collar of a wide collared t-shirt?

Today is weight lifting day again. After last Tuesday, I had detectable soreness until SATURDAY. So I expect that again, tbh.

Hey people, even if the subject you're talking about is very interesting : don't forget about Content Warning (CW) !

Yes that subject is important. Maybe it really matters that people shall be aware of the issue you raise or the information you share.

Yet, don't forget to CW accordingly ! Not all of us have the spoons to deal with bad news, with violence, be it physical or verbal, and not all of us want to see lewd content & similar.

So just put a CW on it.

Also it will help people share your posts, since it feels better to share a post that has a correct CW than one without an could hurt people following us.

So put that damn CW when needed. And if you wonder "shall I CW it ?" then do, better safe than sorry. If it wasn't needed, people will tell, you'll know.

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