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Just saw a lone goose flying northward. Is this an omen.

Another linguistics blog post. Most of these are specifically etymological in nature. Maybe I should do one on lenition or meathesis or something. Hmmm… 🤔


Modern English could've stayed metal but noooooo, we had to simplify it for newbs, add "vowels" or whatever, completely gut the skill system, baby-proof important NPCs against death, wait what were we talking about

Honestly it's a crime we got rid of a letter with a cool-ass name like "thorn"

My shoes are fixed! I still have to go pick them up and pay. But yay!

Yeah remember those baller sneakers with the flower pattern on the toes that I posted about maybe in the summer time? It's them. On the right one, some thread failed that holds the bit that the laces thread through to the rest of the upper. Every time I tied them out got worse, so I stopped wearing them. But new I can wear them again! (As soon as I go get them). Yay!

@caraellison He wanders the hall of Rock, fending off terrifying visions of his son crossing paths with Kid Paper

Do you think somewhere Adult Rock is like ‘Rock! Rock. Where are u my son’

I wish I could adequately describe the little… dance/hero pose thing. It was much more in the spirit of Korra's "I'm the avatar. Deal with it," than anything Katara ever did or said, but 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Me: It's bath time. Take off your clothes.

4yo: I'm a water bender name KA! TA! RAAAAAAAAA!!!!

So Rico is short for Ricardo, yeah? And Ricardo is the same name etymologically as Richard. So Puerto Rico is basically just, uh, Richport?

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