@BalooUriza @lynnesbian Paired with the concept of increasing brothers, I feel like leaving smash out is probably OK. Competitive Incest seems like a… questionable theme.

@emsenn Oh don’t disclaim complicity now! I know you’re helping! 😜💖

The frost held strong, the wizard saw to that.

It was lonely, and she owned more socks than she ever imagined she would.

Every day she would make sure the demon remained frozen.

Sometimes steam would waft off it, and she would reinforce the runes.

"A job well done is what keeps me warm," she'd tell herself.

"You needn't do the job alone," said the woman who delivered her supplies.

"But you're no wizard."

"True, but I have warm arms."

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@garbados @brennen Yeah. I have a fondness for Discordianism and still sometimes identify as one when it suits my purposes, but I think it's a product of it's time and context and ours is slightly different now. Keeping touch with the energy and skepticism of it without letting it turn you into a slightly different version of the Atheist Asshole™ is key.

@benhamill I know some of these tropes come straight from Tolkien, but that doesn't make it better.

@benhamill On a different but related note, I strongly dislike when games suggest (as D&D originally did, and perhaps still does) that some "races" are inherently evil. Surely, there are some good orcs. Perhaps, from the orcish point of view, most are good and are defending their lands from human/elvish/dwarfish aggression.

Like, sure, literal demons can be inherently evil as part of their very nature, but for nearly all other creatures they're either a) animals or b) complex, sentient beings.

@benhamill The exception that proves the rule: Shadowrun, in which Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves and various sub-categories of each, are all a part of metahumanity (and, in fact, many were originally born human and 'goblinized' later on; though that mostly doesn't happen anymore). Of course, even within that world, "race" as it currently exists is relevant. It's merely become more complicated.

I find it upsetting when games refer to things like Elves or Goblins and such as "races". Those are species. Races exist within a species and, like, they mean something entirely different. Hell, a race might cross species boundaries if the species can interbreed? Or, since race is a social construct, even if they can't interbreed, depending on how your fictional society conceptualizes race.

But, like, yeah… that word means something and it's different from how it's used. Thanks, Gygax. 🙃

the 'races' in this setting:

Salt/Spark: golems, that is, people made out of clay and holy words by Jewish mages
Salt/Smog: humans
Spark/Smog: bogfolk, that is, anthropomorphic wetland animals
Spark/Shade: freakmade, that is, invisible people, reanimated stitched-together corpses, anyone else altered in nature and ability by scientific experiments
Smog/Shade: pestfolk, that is, ratfolk, catfolk, dogfolk, pigeonfolk, and werebeasts in the vein of feral city animals
Smog/Strange: verminfolk, that is, bugpeople
Shade/Strange: shadowfolk, living shadows
Shade/Salt: ghosts, and other revenants
Strange/Salt: deeplings, that is, tentacled and mollusc-y horrors
Strange/Spark: changedfolk, that is, those who tried to know what was not theirs to know and were driven mad or physically altered by the knowledge they gained

this doubles as the type advantage chart — each 'race' has a primary type that dominates its secondary type. both types factor into resistance calculations.

the five elements:

Salt (earth, wind, and sea)
Spark (fire, electricity, and SCIENCE!)
Smog (pollution, pestilence, dampness)
Shade (night, shadow, obscurity)
Strange (tentacles, eldritch, the unknowable)

got started thinking about the thematic threads of European Industrial Revolution weird fiction genre clichés and I accidentally made a five-damage type attack advantage system for a tactics game with ten 'RPG race' analogs derived from said damage type system, thanks Vyvanse

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@witchfynder_finder Knowing how v is supposed to be pronounced, I can't say "gravitas" the way most people around me do… It's more like /gɾɑβɪtɑs/.

Hello, in Latin Vesuvius was probably pronounced more like Wesuwius

Artists: please remember to describe your images. Use the main body of the toot if you find that easier. I do, and nobody's roasted me for it yet.

Anybody know of any open-source link shorteners? My metamour uses them to create easily reachable links for her studies, but hasn't been able to find reasonably privacy-conscious ones yet. Thought someone here might know!

get the whole fuck ass out of here you lmfao i hate the game industry.

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