Ate dinner late last night with friends. Our waitress had knuckle tats, no joke: WHAT EVER. She was also really rad.

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Went for a bike ride with the 7yo earlier. Now at swim lessons. Got asked if we could go on another bike ride after and this time bring their camera we got them for Christmas. I guess we'll see, but this is very exciting to me. Bikes are so fun.

My name is the only one that I can do.
I was born on my way home.
My age is a great weekend.
I like to see you.

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@viciousviscosity @djsundog "The rumors of my being a vampire are a wild exaggeration and when I find out who started them I will have some STERN WORDS for that person, let me tell you!" (or so I roughly recall from the near beginning of the first Dirk Gentley book).

The other day, I went to the shop and bought the most recent TBP starring Laura Kinny. I am pretty frustrated that I can't say "of Wolverine" because for some reason, she's X-23 again now? Did they resurrect Logan and give the name back to him? Why would they do this? It seems so pointless and belittling. Bleh.

@morae What a mood, though. We have seen again and again that America sure can company. American can company in the worst possible way. We're sort of the best at companying.

@andrhia Speaking as someone who works at Under Armour, which has been selling connected shoes for a bit less than 3 years now and which I help write and maintain software to do with said shoes... I am super confused about why Nike thinks THIS is the thing you should do with connected shoes. I don't wanna just shill my employer, but at least our connected shoe narrative makes logical sense!

*ahem* Anyway...

@christinelove I am ready to play this game. I don't know much about it, tbh, but I feel like I know enough to know I want to play it. I don't even know the title. But, yeah. I await it with anticipation.

@clacke Nooooo~oooooo! Forming your own opinions?!?!? What folly is this??? What dangerous mood causes a mind to conceive of such things???? How cou—Ah yeah. Cool. 😜

@alex Also, uh… I guess the lasers are transparent? Or they shat in a way that is transparent? Hmm… :thaenkin: Linguistic ambiguityyyy~yyyy.

@benhamill That's what was written on woody guthrie's guitar, right

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