I'm in the market for a new (smaller) instance. What instance might I overlook that you think would be a good fit for me?

@lj_writes They can apparently get serious air when they do it. So serious that when you accidentally drove over them they rightfully freak about, but then fire themselves into your engine compartment and neither car nor armadillo fares well. 🙃

Their abs are mortally impressive.

@Are0h Yeah. That take is very sympathetic to my thinking. And is why I’ve been meaning to shop instances. This is just a good reminder.

@Are0h Yeah. I think the admins are reasonable people. But the instance is enormous, so it’s not really “a community” and I think it attracts a certain disposition of person that thinks the internet is, like, made for “debate” or something. Which interfaces with the things you’re talking about in a really gross way.

@Are0h PV wouldn’t be the first instance to silence or block c.s one what I see as entirely reasonable grounds. I have been meaning to research a new home… sigh. 🙃

Further book get! This one has sword lesbians!

My excitement for these three has really made me want to figure out how I can make more reading time now that I’m not riding the bus. I’m not _super_ loving my current book, but it’s not bad. It’s just, like, alright.

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choosing between android and iOS is like choosing whether you want to be bludgeoned to death by a guy wearing a "fuck you" shirt or a guy wearing a "we appreciate you in principle" shirt

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@popstar What does "middle grade" mean? Is this a "chapter book"? I am trying to assess the difficulty level of this compared to my kid. We don't need to be in the drawing, but it seems cool and I'd buy it if I could page through it to assess the reading level better.

@Ophillous The deeper question is: Would/should any of us alter our behavior based on the answer to that question? I think we both know the answer to this is "no".

Another book get!

Bought the same order as the previous one. This was listed as back ordered and it said it would refund if they couldn’t get it to me in 31 days, so I figured if it didn’t materialize, no worries. But here it is the second of three to arrive! I read the first two some time ago right when Dirty Computer came out (and so have a strong association between the two).

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Claribel Ortega's Ghost Squad dropped today! Drawing on her afrodominican roots, Ghost Squad is a middle grade book described as "Coco meets Stranger Things with a hint of Ghostbusters"

i'm giving away 2 copies of ghost squad to voracious little bookworms, so if you're the parent of a kid devouring every book in their path, lmk and i'll send you either an e-book or physical copy. for probably obvious reasons, afrodomincan families will be prioritized. :boost_ok:


New York City is offering three free meals a day, no questions asked, to anyone who shows up to a meal distribution hub. You can pick up at the meals at once and parents/guardians can pick up food for their children. Details:


Adults welcome as long as you show up during the time slot meant for adults.

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