@taweret That would be rad. I guess it means we have to define "grow up" because Younger Ben at various times would absolutely have made some name choices that Current Ben would be unhappy with. But I might be legally named Zubeneljenubi, so it wasn't all bad.

What if everyone just got to rename themselves when they grew up? What if that was just the standard normal thing for everyone?

@goblin @Jewbacchus Is this the prequel to when Truth came out of her well to shame mankind?

β€œI believe that cats, descended from semi-social or asocial wild cats and having lived domestically with humans for probably less than 3,000 years, have no concept whatever of a rightful hierarchy of social or moral authority. It does not occur to a cat that any other being has any right, other than might, to its obedience, which is offered only out of immediate self-interest or personal affection. Cats are intensely opportunistic, practical anarchists.”

β€” Ursula K LeGuin

I'm also in need of a #cccamp ticket :/

If you are/know someone who doesn't need one ticket they bought anymore, could you please contact me?


friendship with gender ended

new best friend is metal level

In 2000, we were able to identify the Standard Model relationship with the confirmation of the existence of "Waluigi".

Some have proposed the Supersymmetry Model; I say this model does not go far enough.

What I am proposing is a radical paradigm shift from even just a generation ago: with the confirmed existence of Gooigi, the entire model as we've known it was thrown into disarray.

The String Theory Model attempts to reconcile that which we know to be true, and that which we do not yet know.

@moiety Make sure to be up-front about when you expect them to pay their share of rent. It can head off awkward arguments later on. 😜

I wrote 'FUCK TERFS' on my stomach for pride and spent the day (mostly) topless. I got sunburn there so now I'm gonna have tan outlining the words 'FUCK TERFS' on my stomach all summer πŸ˜‚

@bonzoesc Whoof I bet! Well, welcome back! I hope your reentry into non-vacation life isn't too rough and that you have a great day.

@bonzoesc Oh nice. Did you go anywhere, or just, like, relax for a week?

@balrogboogie I kinda wish the Earth's rotation took ~36 hours instead of ~24 or else that obligations to other people weren't a thing. So that I could just sleep more _and_ stay up more. However, there is tea instead.

I hope your Monday shapes up to be amazing and kicks off a really great week.

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