@ozdreaming Thats the one, yeah.

At one point, SG gets some phone numbers off an Avenger's phone and thence texts those numbers off and on. Without knowing who those characters are, those chapters might not make a ton of sense. But the larger thrust of the narrative of be fine. 🤔 I guess the villain talks about Hydra some, too. Hard for me to say, since I have so much context.

I read the Squirrel Girl YA novel to the 7yo and we finished recently. It was real good. SG is one of my favorites. She is probably the least authoritarian super hero I know of.

We started the Captain Marvel one this evening. The first chapter shows promise. It'll have the expected glorification of the military-industrial complex, but since were reading it together, I can editorialize to compensate.

Good morning, bits and bytes, nibbles and naughts. 🌇

Why do I have that song from Titanic stuck in my head today? No one knows!!!

@noelle @catoutofbed This is what I envisioned. A wooden one with 1-foot folding increments.


4yo: Dad, look!
Me: I can't. I'm driving.
4yo: …
Me: *stops at stop sign*
4yo: …
Me: *drives through intersection*
4yo: Dad, look!
Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can't. I'm driving.

I wanna know more about "sacred geometry". It gets tossed around in Escherey video games like Fez and Monument Valley, but is there geometry that's actually sacred to a people or is it a phrase that just sounds really good and mystical?

@slightlyflightyone @anna Haha. Fair point on that last bit. I feel like FFVI has a more coherent deal going on, but it's pretty uncontroversial: despotism is really bad and should be trusted, and, further, genocidal loose cannons with godlike powers are even worse. 😜

@anna Ah. Also I'm using the Toot! client on my phone, which prolly doesn't support polls, either.

@slightlyflightyone @anna I feel like that would be a stronger point if FFVII expressed a more cohesive political philosophy.

@witchfynder_finder Khajiit have bears if you have … stares. Wait. What does "Care Bear stare" even mean? They were shooting light out of their bellies…?

@maloki In the face of the existence of "semi-weekly" as a word, that's the only logical conclusion, but I have learned that many people don't (want to?) think about words that hard. So I started using "fortnightly" a lot. For one, I just like using a weird archaic word and for another it at least lays bare that there's a miscommunication going on. Rather than two people hearing the same word and understanding different things without realizing.

Words are hard.

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