Yes. This is a good form. The Austin city government is doing some things right, y'all.

Good morning, bits and bytes. πŸŒ‡

It's a selfie with eye contact.

Got some new desk frens. This is Benny from The Lego Movies (blue) and his Space Squad: Kenny (yellow), Lenny (pink) and Jenny (white).

The built parts are kind of funny because if you have been paying attention to Legos as long as I have, you can see clearly that they are modern design sensibilities and pieces trying to recreate an older aesthetic and it doesn't quite hit the mark. Like chip tunes or pixel graphics that are ever so slightly off. But I still love them.

Set up my monthly log for February in my . Really pleased how it turned out. Getting into the swing of putting more and more stuff in here. It's becoming more and more useful as I do. I still need to get better about breaking some big, long-running tasks into smaller bits. And I need to figure out a way that works for me to remind myself to do certain things that are only very occasional.

Passed walking to work from the bus. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ A small tragedy.


I know this is made by Yankees or whatever, but seriously there are no peppers in here and no tomatoes or anything. WTF. This isn't even pico.

At the second grade holiday party this morning, the 7yo made me this sweet-ass friendship bracelet.

I stopped cuffing my jeans a few years ago. But I think I'mma start again. Kinda wanna go back to Chucks, too. But they're all packed away right now.

I'm overdressed for my wife's company party, but I look good, so fuck it. Not pictured: red/blue/dark blue argyle socks and red Chuck Taylors. The suit is very subtly pinstriped with pink, green and light blue, so the socks and shoes pull those out more.

Taking a survey about some park stuff Austin is considering downtown and in the demographic section of the questionnaire, they did a good job on the gender question.

If you live in , you can fill out the survey, too:

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but the draw distance in Austin today is terrible. I think our portion of the simulation got scheduled onto some REALLY old hardware.

Good morning, bits and bytes. πŸŒ‡

I spotted this Pride bus today. I think it was in our parade and they left the decorations on, which I appreciate. πŸšπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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