Bi mood today: Oggling young The Rock from his wrestling days at mid-day, then oggling Kristen Stewart in promotional images for Underwater in the evening.

Here are the images in question. Oof, y’all.

Suit selfie. I took notes from @guerrillarain about how to take good ones. image hidden because eye contact.

Breaking in new shoes.

(IDK how to caption video with Toot!, so: It’s a video of legs from mid-thigh walking towards the camera which moves along with the legs. The background is asphalt with a light scattering of dead live oak leaves. You can see the ends of some dark green shorts at the top of the frame. Socks are argyle in a number of dark and muted colors. The shoes are brand new, bubblegum pink Converse All-Stars. They are very clean.)

Reporting for possible jury duty selfie (eye contact). I clearly need some police/prison focused social justice shirts.

So I ordered those argyle Whataburger socks (see previous) and when the shipment came in, it was different socks. Disappointed, I pulled out the packing slip in preparation of contacting support, where I found this note attached. This feels like a Very Texan™ thing to do.

Since I don't really want the socks, I've got them in my backpack and plan on offering them to a homeless person.

Rode in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS this morning. I did the 13 mile distance, but I think I could have done the next one up (25, I think?). Such a beautiful morning for a ride through beautiful country. Thanks for everyone who donated or shared my posts soliciting donations. 💖🏳️‍🌈

My hanabi tiles getting in on that pan pride action. This was my draw first turn and my co-workers couldn't believe it. We have a house rule that if you wear pride clothes, you go first, so I had literally just explained that my shirt was pansexu-owls. :pansexual_flag: (indirect eye contact)

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