i just learned to write in the hobbit font. reply here & i'll write whatever u type in the hobbit font, until i get tired & fuck off to bed

@seafrog I could be wrong, but I thought that different vowels got different diacritics above them? I certainly don't want to shit on this because it is awesome.

@benhamill Oh they well might do!! I was thinking they looked a bit same-y. I was just using an alphabet i found online as a reference!!

@seafrog Hmm… this has more about vowels than I expected, but I think it gives an idea: a should have the dots and e should have the accent and u should have a little hook… idk what subset of this they used in the movies, though. fan.theonering.net/~rolozo/ten

@benhamill Oh wow!!! that is extremely lore-deep lmao, i have never looked into elvish script. i Love that the hobbitish font is based on all the same shapes though!!! such excellent world-building from Tolkien

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