This is a real actual book that my child brought home from the school library.

So I read this dragon book. It is aimed at a fairly low reading level, so the sentences are simple and not many. It felt like the start of a story, rather than a whole one? It wasn't bad, I guess? My 8yo described it as "so awesome".

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@DialMforMara I suspect is not. It looks like one of those books that’s churned out en mass to fill shelves.

@benhamill @DialMforMara It is, implausibly, fairly well-reviewed on Amazon. (Unlike the other book with the identical name - low-hanging fruit, I imagine - which does appear to be churned-out fluff.)

@benhamill it seems nice! Could you review it? I'm looking for good books for my kid :3

@benhamill with a puny title like that, I expect it to be equal parts garbage and uproarious writing 😅

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