@cypnk Uhhhhh. I just saw this, so I think that tells you a bit about MY day. 馃槣 How was yours?

@benhamill Oh dear! Well, hoping the coffee will soothe things over

Currently dodging phone calls so I can build a laser cutter ;)

@cypnk Lasers are fun, I hear!

My day was mostly good busy. We made soup in the morning, then lifted weights, then ate soup, then there was a meeting I generally like. A little work occurred in there. 馃槣

@benhamill Well, that's actually a dandy day! Soup makes everything more awesome

@cypnk Yeah. We tried to make this Moroccan beef deal and it turned out pretty OK. We鈥檙e gonna make modifications for next time.

I hope you have a great night.

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