Two pairs of Chuck Taylors that have been sitting unworn in my closet for ~2 of years have shown pretty serious failures after just a couple of weeks of wear. The pair I have on has a place where the sole is separating from the side-wall such that water can get in (it’s wet here recently) and the other pair the bottom of the tongue pulled away from the underside of the rubber toe. Is it possible the adhesives weren’t designed to sit that long? Is this a poor expectation of the shelf life of these shoes?

@benhamill sitting shouldn't have wrecked the glue unless htey were like, sitting in a black box in the sun for those two years.

I think the truth is we're just really bad at making shoes.


I tend to think of rubber cement as lasting longer than that, but who knows what companies are using to save a few pfennig.

I bet you could get a container of the good stuff, though.

@thraeryn I have a tube of shoe goo that I got to repair the other pair. Been procrastinating applying it because this pair was fine. Oops. 🙃 Yay “cost saving”!

I used a pair of work shoes that my dad never used. Unfortunately they had been sitting in a box that was subjected to sunlight on a daily basis... On one of my trips part of the sole crumbled off...I had to use some strong tape to make it home in a not-too-uncomfortable fashion.

@benhamill my experience is that wearing them intermittently significantly increases their lifespan. I have no idea why. Keeps the glue soft maybe? I have functioning pairs much older than 2y.

Chucks are easily repairable in any case.

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