I realize it’s karma for how I was when I was a kid, but whyyyyyyy do my children have to constantly make noise??? “Please stop making the same noise over and over again.” They pick a _new_ noise to make over and over. 😫


Technically, they're following the request as asked. Making noise isn't stated as a not-do, just that PARTICULAR noise. 🤣

I don't know what to tell you. My dad's efforts to get me to be quiet made me incredibly withdrawn for about two decades. (Also probably mostly withdrawn for the rest of my life.) 🤷

Be careful, and good luck.

@benhamill How old are your kids? I would love to say "It doesn't necessarily change as they get older", but it would be presumptuous. heh!

I have an early teen who I have to occasionally lovingly remind (read that as you will) to not just 'make noise'.

@Kinetix 5 & 8. My favorite move is when we’re having a conversation and the eldest will just decide to be done with it in the middle of someone else talking and start taking up all the sonic space in the room like… completely oblivious.

I've once read of a trick where you then start talking really softly, whisper-like, in the hopes they will quiet down too as they might get curious as to what you are actually saying.

@FiXato @Kinetix I have had maybe a 10% success rate with similar tactics. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@FiXato @benhamill I think I've been well trained to provide a sharp "Hey!" instead of seeing what the child will do when going quiet. Honestly can't recall having tried such a tactic, may do so, see if it works at all.
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