Breaking in new shoes.

(IDK how to caption video with Toot!, so: It’s a video of legs from mid-thigh walking towards the camera which moves along with the legs. The background is asphalt with a light scattering of dead live oak leaves. You can see the ends of some dark green shorts at the top of the frame. Socks are argyle in a number of dark and muted colors. The shoes are brand new, bubblegum pink Converse All-Stars. They are very clean.)

@FiXato You can tell that by the way that I use my walk, can you? 😜

yup, you're a ~~woman's~~ pan man! 👍 ;)
Feel the city breakin' and everybody's shakin'!

(I wish Mastodon had proper strikethrough formatting via Markdown)

@FiXato Markdown (or some kinda markup) support has been a thing many have asked for and repeatedly Eugen has declined to allow it. I just wish we had _italic_ and *bold* support, if nothing else.

@benhamill yeah, I totally agree. Still have to check out Pleroma for that reason (as well as it'd prob being lighter, if I finally end up setting my own single-user instance).

@FiXato I started down that road and ended up not moving just for that. It was different enough and I was sort of 😐 on my interactions with the maintainer and… yeah.

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