The kids have been exposed to The Hobbit.

Me: What did you think about that ring? Would you like a magic ring like that?
4yo: Yeah!
Me: What would you do with a magic invisibility ring?
4yo: Uh… turn invisible???
Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️ What then? What would you do when invisible with a ring?
4yo: Uh… run out of jail?
Me: Wait. What are you doing in jail?!? How did you get in there? What is this narrative???

@benhamill Got in jail for commiting crimes with said ring! Ain't it obvious! :D

@narF The 7yo then gave a pretty detailed plan about tricking the guards so they'd open the doors and you could sneak out while invisible. We have to make sure neither of these kids comes anywhere NEAR The One Ring.

Or, probably, any of The Nine.

@benhamill you sure they aren't already affected by one of the others? 😂

@benhamill you bein left behind, old man, that's what this is about

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