I wrote last week, There and Back Again, a Fediverse Journey.


It's about Gamma the techbro. Gamma thinks that technology is can solve all social problems, so came to the Fediverse. But without systemic bias, he finds his opinions harshly criticized.This makes him uncomfortable. This new technology trying to solve social problems says he's the problem.

Why, and what happens next?


LB: To my fellow late-20s/early-30s (well, mid-30s) white men who have been working in tech for about a decade: Please read this. Please consider listening and not dismissing the criticism you receive when you exit corporate social media. I know getting called out hurts. I know hurt of this kind is a foreign and scary feeling. Please sit with that feeling and realize it is more about you than the people giving you feedback. Even if it's not easy to hear, feedback is still a gift. This is step 0.

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