Two teammates and I gave a presentation to a really big, wide audience at work today. They were gracious enough to let me boggart the beginning to give an off-topic Linguistics Minute. I talked about Rolf the Ganger, which is probably the most classically entertaining linguistics story I know. I adapted it from this blog post, if you're curious:

Anyway, both the Linguistics Minute and the real presentation were really well received. One person told me (about the real part), "I learned things AND it was entertaining. So a one-two punch!" I'm really proud of the job the three of us did and feel really affirmed by my coworkers as the weird dude that I am.

and in #Dutch you have 'gangmaker', someone who gets (things/a party) going, and 'ga je gang', which means 'go ahead'. It can also be a noun that means a hallway or passage, in other words a small space to 'go through'.
'gang' is still a word used in #Norwegian, for instance in 'gangvei', for a pedestrian road, or 'gangfelt' for a pedestrian crossing - 1/3

@benhamill The latter is also called a 'fotgjengerovergang', which basically includes two forms of gang, as 'fotgjenger' comes from fot + gjenger, where -gjenger comes from the old verb 'å gange' ('å gå', to go). So, an 'overgang' (passage) for fot-ganger (people who go by foot). Dutch also still used 'voetganger' for pedestrians. 'Gang' no longer limited to walking though, as for instance 'bilen var i gang' would mean 'the car is in motion' - 2/3

#etymology is awesome, and can show a relation between words that's not always obvious. - 3/3

@benhamill Hilarious story! Incidentally, as horses historically tended to be rather small (taller horses are a more modern invention), a dude who couldn't ride the smaller horse of the day was tall for sure but probably not quite to the level of someone who couldn't ride a modern racing/carriage horse.

@lj_writes Oh interesting! This makes this kenning a big more realistic and lowers the swagger level significantly. Thanks!

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